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BlackFly, the personal aircraft developed by Google co-founder Larry Page

Federico Tibytt

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is on the brink of making personal aircrafts a reality, allowing users to avoid traffic and travel shorter distances with the Opener BlackFly, the first 100% electric personal aircraft.

At first glance, the Opener BlackFly looks like a gigantic drone, similar to the popular DJI Phantom 4. This is because its sophisticated lifting system uses eight propellers, spread on its fixed wings. However, it is far from being a homemade drone; this personal private plane offers the latest technologies available, making it a viable and innovative mode of transportation.

opener marcus flight
Opener BlackFly in flight

Developed by Google co-founder, Larry Page, this first single-seater version will be able to make flights of up to 25 miles in the United States and more than 40 miles in the rest of the world. Reaching maximum allowed speeds of 62 miles / hour in the US and just over 80 miles / hour for the rest of the countries.

Due to its ultralight category, the BlackFly will not require a professional pilot license to be operated in the countries of North America. The new aircraft will have sophisticated security systems that will guarantee the full reliability of the vehicle.

opener blackfly generations
Opener BlackFly ultralight aircrafts

The first model of Opener has active geolocation that will not allow it to leave its flight area. It also integrates a “return home” option via automatic pilot and an emergency ballistic parachute.

Another surprising aspect of the BlackFly is its ability to take off and land vertically in small spaces, which is enhanced by having an amphibious fuselage that can be operated on land or water.

opener blackfly takeoff
Display of the Opener Blackfly’s vertical takeoff and landing capabilities

However, this new car can only fly in optimal conditions. If the wind exceeds 25 miles / hour or if the temperature is below 32 ° F or above 86 ° F, the aircraft cannot be used. These restrictions raise the question about the commercial success of the vehicle, which is taken into account for its final sale price, which will be similar to that of a regular brand SUV.

However, regardless of its limitations, the BlackFly represents the future of personal transportation. It is a new sustainable vision that aims to free users from the stress generated by roads and traffic.

opener blackfly rear field
New concept of transportation

“Our vehicles are designed with the intention of freeing the public from the difficulties of traveling on two-dimensional roads, opening a new world of three-dimensional flight. Compact and simple, our aircraft are pioneers in a new era of stress-free travel,” says Marcus Leng, CEO of the company. Clearly, it is about thinking differently regarding the way we move and the needs we will have in the future.

opener blackfly v2 v3
Opener BlackFly v2 & v3 models

The BlackFly will begin to be marketed in 2019, giving aircraft enthusiasts time to prepare and anticipate its official launch.


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