Airbus Acj319 By Comlux Aviation: A Jet Service Worthy of Kings

Federico Tibytt

With a maximum capacity of 19 passengers and 45 large suitcases, the ACJ319 is ideal for long distance business trips.


The aviation companies that leases private jets have to face fierce competition and, therefore, must strive to provide customized and singular services through high-quality aircrafts. Such is the case of the Swiss company Comlux Aviation, which offers an atmosphere of comfort and luxury of the highest level with its Airbus ACJ319.

Airbus ACJ319

From the moment you board the plane, you begin to enjoy an out of the ordinary experience. The passengers arrive through a beautifully decorated corridor. At times, the jet gives the feeling of having been furnished with the luxury and elegance of a presidential airliner.

The interior was configured to offer comfort and convenience to entrepreneurs, businessmen, famous athletes and other celebrities who need to rest during long flights. If they choose, they can also take advantage of those hours to work, participate in video conferences or just enjoy the trip with their companions.

Following the entrance hall, the Airbus ACJ319 features a main room furnished with leather armchairs and coffee tables, TV screens, soft colored paneling and fine woods that complete a perfect environment for relaxation. The aircraft also offers a spacious dining room, a meeting or conference room and a private master suite with bathroom and desk, all in a setting that guarantees maximum tranquility.

One of the main objectives of the interior of this superb jet is to provide quiet spaces that protect passengers from outside noise, hence the extensive use of soft materials that help isolate sounds.

Airbus ACJ319

The spaces in this aircraft are generous and comfortable, contradicting the industry trend to compress as many passengers as possible in the least amount of room.

With a maximum capacity of 19 passengers and 45 large suitcases, the ACJ319 is ideal for long distance business trips. It can handle intercontinental flights and achieve cruise speeds of around 850 kilometers (528 miles) per hour, allowing passengers to link distant points in time excellent. For example, a flight between London and Barbados (nearly 7,000 kilometers) takes just eight hours and 30 minutes, a trip from Moscow to Male, capital of Maldives, eight hours 30 minutes and a flight from London to Dubai just seven hours and 30 minutes.

Being a last generation aircraft completed in 2012, it provides wireless high-speed Internet service, GSM mobile phone, satellite connection and audio entertainment systems with high fidelity video.

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