DJI Phantom 4: The Last Generation Drone for Fans of Video, Photography and Adventure

Federico Tibytt

The drone offers three flight modes: beginner, standard and sports, reaching an astonishing top speed of 45 mph.


The new DJI Phantom 4 stands as one of the best commercial drones in the market. It offers state of the art performance, including an anti-collision system, simplified control with mobile devices, and tracking autopilot. With this new model by the Chinese firm DJI—a world leader in the manufacture of drones—sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy outdoor activities can take excellent aerial images without the help of professionals.

In case you don’t know what they are, drones are spectacular unmanned flying devices that have revolutionized the technology industry in recent years due to their large number of applications and functionalities. One of their most successful versions is marketed as a toy and as a filming device for aerial photography.

The new Phantom 4 is more elegant and better looking than previous models from the brand. It boasts glossy paint and beautifully designed rounded surfaces. It also has next-generation technologies that differ widely from its competitors, such as the five cameras in the front and in the center of the quadcopter (powered by four rotors) which, together with a system of object recognition, controls the surrounding areas and avoids frontal collisions during flight.
This feature prevents crashes during the most extended flights, which can reach five kilometers (3.1 miles). Another interesting feature is the automatic return. It is executed by pressing the Home button on the remote control so that the small aircraft will use its GPS and environment control system to determine the shortest and most convenient way back to the location of the person operating the drone.

The remote control is designed to integrate a mobile device such as a cell phone or a tablet, which will allow the operator to watch the live images being taken by the primary camera of the Phantom 4. Thanks to the intuitive and simple interfaces of the DJI Go application, its operation is simple and accessible to all users.

Added to this, the Phantom 4 has a camera with an excellent optical performance that takes photos of up to 12 megapixels and records videos in 4K (Super full HD) at 24, 25 and 30 images per second. Additionally, it provides a quick function for slow-motion shots.

But the most interesting feature of the filming system is that the drone`s artificial intelligence allows you to choose any object you see on the screen and follow it automatically (Visual Tracking), and also can be guided solely by touching in the image the place where you want to direct the small quadcopter. The whole process is simple, fast, intuitive, and fun.

Thanks to the redesign of its batteries, this model offers a battery life of 28 minutes. To adapt to the experience of different users, the Phantom 4 provides three flight modes: beginner, standard and sports, which can reach a stunning top speed of 45 mph.

This excellent drone is fun to operate in stable, predictable and very controlled flights, and at the same time, it takes unforgettable aerial shots. Without a doubt, it is an excellent toy for all ages.

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