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Boeing 747 VIP: The Largest and Most Luxurious Private Jet in the World

Federico Tibytt

Greenpoint Technologies turns a Boeing 747-8 VIP into a castle in the clouds worthy of a Commander in Chief.

The 747-8— one of Boeing´s most successful models—has a commercial version with an enormous cabin of 4,790 square feet (445 square meters), three levels and enough capacity for 450 passengers. Taking advantage of its size—20 feet (6.1m) wide by 250 feet (743m) long—an undisclosed client, hired the specialized company Greenpoint Technologies to customize his 747-8. After three years of hard work, the firm based in Washington, United States, delivered one of the world’s largest private VIP jets—and without a doubt the most luxurious.
Boeing 747 8 VIP

How Much Does a Boeing 747 Cost?

With a base price of $358 million, the Boeing 747-8 VIP required an additional $200 million for the refurbishment. This amazing and incredibly luxurious jet can fly at a speed of about 646 mph (1,195 km per hour) on a 9,200-mile flight (17,020 km).The Boeing 747-8 VIP is the first aircraft of its kind to undergo such customization. It boasts a large meeting room, dining room for 14 guests and two spacious living areas with sofas, low tables, and big screen TVs. Additional facilities include a private office, a guest cabin with en-suite bathroom and a spacious master suite with panoramic views, private living room, and fully equipped bathrooms.Boeing 747 8 VIPGreenpoint Technologies developed innovative designs and advanced technologies for the new model, and although it has not been confirmed, the recently refurbished model, will be available in future units. The new space for resting cabins — Greenpoint’s Aeroloft — is located on the main level with eight beds inside personal cubicles, which are conducive to comfortable rest. Also a part of the custom design, the new Boeing features the Aerolift system, an elevator for up to four people that connects the two lower levels of the aircraft with the runway. With a final investment of over $500 million, the Boeing 747-8 VIP by Greenpoint Technologies is a unique and exclusive aircraft, modeled after the wishes and needs of its owner.It has been revealed that the US Air Force will replace the current fleet of two presidential Air Force One aircraft using two Boeing 747-8. What remains to be seen is whether the craft designed for the Commander in Chief, one of the most visible symbols of the United States, will display the luxury of the new Boeing 747-8 VIP, the “Palace of the Clouds” designed by Greenpoint Technologies.  ■

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