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Private Jet Charters: Top Five Companies in the US

Federico Tibytt

Luxury Aircraft Solutions, Blue Star Jets, JetOptions, FlexJet and Sentient Jet are located in different American cities, but are know for exceeding the needs of the most demanding travelers.

Private jet charters are part of a privileged lifestyle, but they also are a necessity imposed by the complex agendas of corporate executives, businessmen, celebrities, and athletes in every corner of the civilized world. A need for some or an extravagant luxury for others, the truth is this is a market niche for a small, affluent and demanding elite. Prices for private plane charters vary from $4,500 to over $6,000 an hour, depending on the business and the exclusivity of the service. Here, we present five recognized companies that have excelled in recent years for offering the most luxurious aircraft and excellent services.Private Jet
Luxury Aircraft SolutionsThis New York-based company boasts the most comprehensive range of services in the market, from the rental or sale of private planes to cargo transport and aircraft management. Over the years, it has become an authority in the field and stands out for arranging private flights customized according to the client’s demands, prioritizing safety first. The clients simply select the date, destination, and type of aircraft they want, and the company takes care of the rest. Visit Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Blue Star Jets, LLC

Also located in New York, this firm is one of the main providers of private jets in the world with services characterized by excellence, luxury, and convenience. It was created by a group of executives dissatisfied with the quality of the amenities in hired jets. Currently, the company operates a fleet of over 5,000 aircraft, including all types of planes and helicopters, with a long record of efficiency and luxury. Visit Blue Star Jets, LLC

JetOptions Private Jets

JetOptions, operating from Dallas, Texas, brings to the market a new alliance as it groups the leading providers of luxury private jets worldwide. Their aim is to provide an aircraft in just two hours, which they can do thanks to their complex communication infrastructure and logistics software solutions. Visit JetOptions Private Jets


From its headquarters in Richardson, Texas, an aviation expert at Flexjet works with the clients to assess their individual needs and find a solution tailored to their requirements. Then, an account manager will be responsible for handling everything from scheduling travel and in-flight catering to transportation to the final destination. According to Flexjet, the company provides the customer with a team of specialists to ensure world-class service at all levels. Visit FlexJet

Sentient Jet

Founded in 1999 in Weymouth, Massachusetts, this firm works with a select group of independent operators offering an exclusive service with the highest safety standards. They are the creators of the first private jet card in the industry, which provides customers the flexibility to pay for their trip in a private jet in increments for each flight hour. Visit Sentient Jet  ■

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