Lovers Deep: A Romantic Sojourn In The Bottom Of The Sea

J.M. Towers

If you’re an intrepid traveler who loves luxury and exclusivity, then you’re in luck. Oliver’s Travels, a UK company specialized in the rental of exclusive properties and luxury travel is offering a unique, personalized and unforgettable experience. We are referring to a romantic sojourn for two on board a spectacular underwater hotel, Lovers Deep. This journey affords couples the opportunity to get closer to each other in complete isolation beneath the waves of the ocean. The concept is similar to the Poseidon Undersea Resort, a luxury five star hotel with exquisite suites under the waters of the Pacific.

Lovers Deep

The submarine travels the beautiful waters of the Caribbean including the islands of Montserrat, Martinique, St. Lucia and Barbados among others. A staff of three cares for the guests: captain, chef and personal butler, who share accommodations at the opposite end of the ship to safeguard your privacy.

The mega luxurious experience is complemented by a specially designed aphrodisiac menu that includes oysters, caviar and chocolate fondant with essence of royal pomegranate, amongst other delights. This menu is offered at no charge for guests who book the submarine as part of their honeymoon package.

Lovers Deep

“Lovers Deep is really an exceptional adventure,” said Oliver Bell, co-founder of Oliver’s Travels. “In our meetings, when we wondered what would be the world’s most extraordinary place for a honeymoon, the immediate response was the moon, but obviously that was a dream. So a submarine was our next target. We found a company able to offer the highest quality of service and ensure the privacy of our travelers.”

The submarine is equipped with the utmost luxury down to the smallest details. Hardwoods, leather sofas and armchairs, are part of the decor. The vessel features luxurious living rooms, minibar, bathroom for two and a bedroom with stunning views of the underwater habitat.

Lovers Deep

In addition, the tour can be customized to suit your desires, which may include visits to the beautiful coral reefs or the remains of an old and forgotten shipwreck from the time when these waters were frequented by pirates and buccaneers. Spectacular Caribbean destinations.

The world`s most romantic stay in the underwater world of Lovers Deep has a price of approximately $292,000 per night, not including air transport. The choice is yours.

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