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Migaloo Luxury Submarines: The Most Exclusive Way to Enjoy the Oceans

Federico Tibytt

For the quality of their equipment and the comfort they offer, Migaloo vessels are real luxury super yachts with a unique feature: they are submersible.

A private submarine with all the features of a state of the arts super yacht may seem an extravagant proposal out of a science fiction movie. But these submarines, equipped with swimming pools, cinemas, gyms, VIP cabins and glass windows that offer exciting views of the ocean depths, are an attractive option for those who can afford them.Migaloo SubmarinesThis small and exclusive market niche has inspired the Austrian firm Motion Code: Blue— specialized in the design, engineering and construction of superyachts—to create Migaloo, a unique line of private submarines, which deliver the ultimate in luxury, the latest technology, and a privacy level unobtainable above the waterline.

Based on the adaptation of existing military and commercial submarines of proven reliability, and bearing the name of the huge albino whale (also known as the white humpback whale), the Austrian company has launched four models of Migaloo submarines. These include the M2 with 72 meters (236 feet) in length; the M5, 135 meters (442 feet) long; the M6, 160 meters (524 feet) in length; and their crown jewel, the M7, with an astonishing 225 meters (736 feet) in length.

The Migaloo M7 comes with outstanding features that have attracted the attention of the yachting industry. The master stateroom, located toward the bow, occupies three levels. The upper level is reserved for an exclusive terrace that can be deployed from a retractable roof, becoming a private deck when the vessel is above water.

Migaloo Submarines

The deck boasts–towards the middle of the ship–a generous heliport and a solarium with drop ceilings, as well as an unprecedented 25-foot pool, which moves below deck when the submarine is underwater. As if this were not enough, the two-level beach club has a covered area, and its walls are deployed on the sea, in the form of side boards to allow direct access to the ocean.

This spectacular submarine has eight VIP guest suites and separate quarters for crew members including cabins, kitchen, engine room, navigation rooms for the captain, a gym, and laundry facilities.

The M7 also features a cinema, state of the art fitness center, spa with hot tubs, several lounges and dining rooms with bars. Thanks to the powerful underwater lighting systems installed in the windows of the vessel the guest can observe the vastness of the deep at its best, considering that this submarine can dive to a depth of 240 meters.

For its incredible performance: 40 knots maximum speed on the waterline and 20 knots when submerged, its high-quality equipment and all the comfort it offers, the Migaloo vessels are real luxury superyachts with an exclusive feature: they are submersible.

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