C-Explorer 3: your personal submarine for exploring the deep sea

Federico Tibytt

With a range of up to 16 hours, the C-Explorer 3 come with options that include robotic arms, state of the art HD cameras and various exterior lighting equipment. All for the making of an exceptional underwater experience.

A private submarine with which to explore the deep sea is a beautiful whim that allows their owners to discover, with total comfort, the wonders hidden in the oceans. The C-Explorer 3 model made by the renowned specialized shipyard U-Boat Worx, offers one of the best diving experiences with its clear acrylic bubble with a matchless 360-degree visibility.

C-Explorer 3 Submarine

In the vibrant and growing industry of superyachts, providing additional exploration equipment is a critical detail when it comes to these larger vessels. Jet-skis, speedboats, personal motorized torpedoes and even cars and amphibious ATVs are just some of the ideal complements that extend the possibilities of entertainment on board.

Spacious enough to accommodate a pilot and two companions, this private submarine’s main cabin has been designed with a pressurized acrylic sphere, which allows it to dive to a depth of to 330 meters.

This splendid globe offers the occupants an experience of total comfort. The temperature, humidity and pressure inside the cabin are well maintained by the pressurization and air conditioning systems of the vehicle. With an astonishing range of up to 16 hours, the C-Explorer 3 can be used not only for recreation but also as a tool for other functions, such as archeological research and field studies of marine biology.

The model has a list of additional options that include robotic arms at the front of the vessel, state of the art HD cameras, various exterior lighting equipment and complementary exploration gear to create the perfect submarine in accord with the taste or the owner. Inside, passengers can enjoy the surrounding sitting in relaxing leather-covered armchairs.

C-Explorer 3 Submarine

All these exceptional features are contained in a very small space: 4.28 meters (14 feet) long, 3.2 meters (10 feet) wide and 2.33 meters (7.7 feet) high. When the buoyancy tanks are deflated, the submarine is only 2.9 meters wide and weighs just 5,950 kilograms (13,117 pounds), requiring a storage space much smaller than that needed by any other kind of complementary vessel.

Regarding its driving force, the C-Explorer 3 has electric energy— thus contributing to the trend of sustainable energy— and thanks to its six engines of between 5 and 6.5 KW it is capable of generating a maximum speed of three knots during immersion and four knots on the surface, with its impressive 16 hours autonomy.

This submarine is undoubtedly a very exclusive toy available for superyacht owners who want to add unique diving experiences to the already generous amenities and luxury features found in these types of yacht. Indeed, this magnificent sophistication will extend to new depths the boundaries of navigation.  ■

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