Latest Cutting-Edge Technologies for Pet Care

Jen Phillips

Did you know that you can leave your pet in a smart home while you shop in a store? Or that you can give your dog a treat while you're out of the house? New technologies such as Petcube, Pet Collar, Petrics, DogSpot and Pet Connect offer pet owners an array of possibilities to help take care of their pet.


With the rise of new technologies, pet owners can monitor the health and welfare of their dogs so they can live longer and happier lives. Through the following applications, you can monitor your pet through Wi-Fi enabled cameras combined with other resources, all according to your needs.


Wi-Fi enabled cameras allow pet owners to “watch, talk, play, and treat their pet.” Stay connected to your dog throughout the day by having the ability to say “hello” and offer treats at different intervals. You’ll never again wonder what your dog is doing when you’re not home.



This smart collar allows you to establish property boundaries so your dog can enjoy running around the yard but not run away. You can also integrate it with other Wagz solutions which includes monitoring your dog’s calorie water intake for optimum health, as well as temperature control, bark detection and much more, all under one app.

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Pet Collar from Wagz

Petrics Health and Nutrition App

More than 50% of dogs and cats overeat and don’t get enough exercise, which leads to health problems. By attaching the Petrics activity tracker to your pet’s collar, you’ll discover just how much activity and rest your pet gets compared to what he/she needs.

Through this unique app, pet parents can assess hundreds of pet food options and find the right match for their pet. The company also released its first dog Smart Bed to monitor your pet’s activity and weight as they rest or sleep. The result? Pet parents can better monitor their pet’s health over time.

Petrics App


DogSpot offers a safe and climate-controlled alternative to leaving your dog in the car or tied up to a city light post. These smart dog houses are popping up across the US and are perfect for short term (15-30 minutes are average) stays when you want to pop into a store for a quick look and keep your dog safe. An app lets you monitor your dog while inside.

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DogSpot Smart Dog House

Pet Connect

What can you do if your pet has a health emergency? You can look for the nearest veterinarian, of course, but what if that hospital is closed or too far? What can you do?

Pet Connect helps pet parents connect with veterinarians, dog walkers and groomers, and pet store retailers across the country. With 100,000 pet related businesses listed, pet parents can feel reassured their needs will be met whatever the occasion.

Co-founder Jason Hanney says his partner Hector was traveling with his wife, when their hound mix Mason became ill. The couple rushed Mason to a nearby emergency veterinarian only to find the hospital had moved and the Google listing was out of date. Fortunately, the couple found the hospital and Mason recovered.

As you can see, pet technology goes far beyond web cams and GPS tracking collars and now offers helpful ways to monitor your dog’s health and connect with pet resources.  


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