Barkingham Pet Hotel: Five-Star Treatment for your Pet

Patricia Abaroa

The Barkingham Pet Hotel, a 23,000 sq. ft. venue that houses a wellness spa, 68 luxury suites, a doggie deli, a photo studio and much more, offers an upscale boarding experience that puts pets and owners at ease.

The Barkingham Pet Hotel is determined to surpass the needs and wants of the most lavish four-legged companions. The upscale pet hotel is located in California’s Coachella Valley in Palm Desert, an area known for its country clubs, shops and golf courses.

Barkingham Hotel dog pool.
All photos: Courtesy of Barkingham Pet Hotel.

The luxury pet hotel opened up in 2011 as a result of owner Lori Weiner’s long-life passion for animals. Today, the Barkingham Pet Hotel is a 23,000 sq. ft. venue that houses a wellness spa, 68 luxury suites, a doggie deli, a photo studio and much more.

Hotel staff understands that it’s not always easy for pets to be away from their regular home environment, so they go out of their way to pamper dogs and pups. Private suites are decked with comfy double beds and 42” flat televisions. If that doesn’t do the trick, the hotel offers a specialized service to rid them of any anxiety: a valet sleep companion. Webcams, which can be accessed by owners at any time, are put in place to put owners at ease.

If your pet prefers to be coddled over watching television and lounging around, they can visit on-site groomers or take full advantage of spa treatments. Mud baths, including the Klay-9 Luxury Treatment (for shiny coats) and the Shed Safely Mud Treatment (promoting cell regeneration) are offered on-site. If mud baths aren’t really their thing, essential oil massages can also help soothe and de-stress.

Barking Pet Hotel, para mascotas

The Barkingham Pet Hotel also houses a boutique—seemingly for fashionista dogs who need a little retail therapy—which sells high-end beds, leashes and clothes. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, like a doggie birthday or wedding, the hotel can also serve as an event venue.

Then there’s the food! Owner, Lori Weiner is a certified clinical animal nutritionist so visitors can always count on high quality foods. A gourmet menu offers doggie delights for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dogs can feast on select meals including yogurt parfait, turkey “muttloaf” and chicken and sweet potato mash.

If they splurge on the pumpkin and cranberry dessert, there’s a slew of activities that can help them burn off those extra calories. They can hit the treadmill, join a “pawlates” class (to strengthen their cores) or swim a few laps in the pool.

Barking Pet Hotel, para mascotas

Luxury pet hotels are a growing business that serve to comfort pet and owners alike, by making pets feel at ease while they’re away from home. According to Packaged Facts, a leading market researcher, in 2017, pet industry sales reached $86 billion in the United States alone.

Pet ownership is the highest in the United States (followed not so closely by China), with about 68% of households owning a pet. Worldwide, pets are often considered esteemed members of the immediate family and their comfort and health is of the utmost importance to owners.

Time away from home and their human companions can be stressful for our furry friends, and pet hotels are looking to change that. The Barkingham Pet Hotel wants to ensure that while you’re away on your five-star vacation, your dog or puppy can enjoy a parallel experience. 

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