Wonderboo: The Latest in Gourmet Food for our Pets

Mary Elizabeth Collins

The Swedish brand offers fresh meals using local, natural ingredients which are air dried to preserve all the nutrients your dog needs.

The firm Wonderboo has transformed our understanding of dog food catering to the most demanding pet owners who want to give their furry friends healthy and high-quality food, with a particular conceptual style. At a time when the new generation of animal lovers is used to a high level of comfort, service and quality, this Swedish brand offers fresh food made from natural local ingredients. The products are air dried to preserve all the nutrients a dog needs.

Wonderboo’s products can improve the health of your dog.

All the Wonderboo meals are individually packed in compact boxes, easy to carry in any bag or purse. At feeding time, the container doubles as a plate. Just add water to the plastic tray and the food is ready anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, the biodegradable container can be safely discarded–a step in favor of environmental protection. The box is also user-friendly, clean and ideal for those dog owners who want to keep their pets close by— wherever they go.

“For many years we have fed our best friends with supplies from major dog food producers without questioning the contents or ingredients in them,” says Magnus Rosengren, CEO, and founder of Wonderboo. “But that has changed because, today, dog owners require—for their pets—the same high quality they ask for in their food. We want to make sure they provide their dogs the best conditions for a long and healthy life.”

Wonderboo gourmet boxes for dogs.

Currently, the boxes of Wonderboo gourmet pet food can be purchased in stores in Stockholm and Los Angeles, or via the Internet at (, from England, Wales, South Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

The product is packed in five boxes of different colors and sizes, which vary depending on the size of the pets and the nutrients they may need. Their website clearly explains what size will best fit the dog, according to the following classification: puppy, small, medium, and large.

The same explanatory table even includes the right dose of food when the dog is pregnant. Each box has different energy contents, and all include beef or Swedish cod, which are excellent sources of high-quality protein; barley grains, which helps to slow down the dissolution of sugars in the blood; potato fiber to facilitate digestion, as well as calcium, minerals and vitamins.

Wonderbroo also offers a white box—Light—for neutered or overweight dogs, with a lower caloric intake to help them achieve the desired weight.  ■

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