Pet Trailers: an exquisite collection of retro pet houses

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A customizable, retro, luxury trailer could be the best gift you give your furry friend.

Since 2014, designer Judson Beaumont has found success with his fun, retro, trailer-style pet houses, aptly called “Pet Trailers.” These furry friend homes are available only upon request through his signature company, Straight Line Designs.

Beaumont is considered one of Canada’s most talented designers. Born in 1960 in Saskatoon, a central city in the western Saskatchewan Province, he studied art at Vancouver’s Capilano College, later completing his studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He graduated in 1985 with a 3D specialty. That same year he founded Straight Line Designs; since then, Beaumont has created all sorts of notably unique furniture and designs.

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Jud, as he is called by friends, began his career creating furniture for wood homes, with geometric and straight shapes. After five years, he grew tired of these designs, and decided it was time for a change: he would do things differently. Designs would be functional, but at the same, feel happy.

“My rule is: if you can draw and design it, you can build it,” says Beaumont. “I love it when someone says ‘You cannot do that’ or ‘Nobody would want that.’ These words only encourage me more.”

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Pet Trailers includes retro models of 1950s motor homes, personalized and decorated in the decade’s signature style.  These small units weigh up to 20 pounds.

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In addition, the collection gives charming names to all of its creations: Pet Camper, GRRRRRR, Cat Nap, Dog Gone, Dog LVR, My Baby and 2 Cute-. All of the trailers can be customized by pet parents, including selecting different finishes, interior wall and floor color, as well as recyclable aluminum, plywood, hardwood, synthetic or wool carpets, or tiles.

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Owners can also add an adorable license plate to the trailer, including the puppy’s name, or a combination of the owner’s and pet’s names.

For more canine comforts, any of the Pet Trailers models can also have LED lighted interiors, or wireless speakers that can play— via Wi-Fi—a pet’s favorite song, or a soundtrack of soothing sounds, to name a few options.

This collection of pet homes is set to be the envy of all the neighborhood dogs. If you think your pup is ready for one, you will have to contact Straight Line Designs Inc. soon to get yourself on the waiting list: these designs are coveted all over the world. Prices for these endearing cool retro units start at $1,000.

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Throughout his career, Beaumont has donated pieces to charities such as Arts Umbrella, Vancouver Art Gallery, BC Guide Dog Services, AIDS Vancouver and BC Children’s Hospital. In addition, the designer donates his time to give talks and presentations to students of all ages and design professionals. Beaumont is an active member of BC Wood, Woodlinks and the Furniture Society, and a regular speaker at workshops related to wood manufacturing throughout the world. ■

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