Emirates Airlines: The Best First Class Service in Commercial Aviation

Federico Tibytt

With onboard suites, showers, spa, and lounge, the airline offers the highest level of comfort and sophistication in air travel.

Emirates Airlines has what is arguably the best first-class experience on its spectacular Airbus A380 fleet. It offers the luxurious individual suites customers have become accustomed to, plus an elegant lounge onboard and a spectacular spa service that includes a shower among other luxuries.

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Emirates Airlines Airbus A380.

Over the past decade, Emirates Airlines has redefined the standard of quality for travelers. As the luxury and business travel sectors expand and international travel to the Middle East is on the uprise, the Emirati airline has established a reputation as a leading provider of goods and excellent customer care. The services offered across the different categories are significantly better than those of its competitors, and first class is not the exception.

The client experience is of utmost importance to this airline, and luxury and comfort are their hallmarks. The company’s philosophy is reflected in the high standard of service onboard and what is required of employees. Hostesses, for example, must comply with rigorous codes related to personal aesthetics, including the hairstyle that identifies the brand, seven layers of makeup, and strict hand and skin care. Even crew members’ weight is scrutinized. At any sign of weight gain, supervisors will advise them that the company’s fitness and nutrition center is available to them. It may seem overly strict, but the guidelines are carefully implemented as standard company practice.

The same meticulous care and controls are applied to every detail of the aircraft’s decor, offering not only generous spaces in all categories but mainly impressive services. The star of the fleet has been, for years, the Airbus A380, but the company is also offering spectacular first-class suites in its newly acquired 777 airplanes on selected routes out of Dubai.

emirates airlines, first-class travel, business travel, luxury travel, best first class airline, best airlines in the world
Lounge service, bar, spa, shower and private suite on Emirates Airlines.

In Emirate’s first class, each passenger is assigned a private suite with fully reclining seats that convert to beds. For comfortable, restful travels, the company provides pajamas made with state-of-the-art fabrics, which increase moisture to avoid dehydration during the flight.

But the novelty that has attracted the public’s attention is the incorporation of the exclusive lounge, which has a private jet vibe with polished textures, and designer furnishings. Passengers can socialize and enjoy a cocktail prepared by a master mixologist, hold meetings at their tables or watch their favorite sports event on the 55-inch LED screen with surround sound. All with the aim of significantly improving the in-flight experience.

If you want to arrive at the destination relaxed and fresh, there is a spa with shower fitted with Bulgari personal-care products, allowing passengers to leave the plane as if they were leaving their hotel suite.

Another preferred perk that comes with Emirates Airlines first class is the use of the company’s private airport lounges, which offer a gourmet buffet, a la carte dining, massages, nap rooms, kids room for the little ones and a cigar lounge for the adults while you wait to board your flight.

Once again, Emirates Airlines raises the bar in luxury services, competing directly with private jet companies. Thanks to services like these, flying has, again, become a pleasure.  ■

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