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First Class Aboard Singapore Airlines: Private Cabins and Luxuriously Long Beds

Federico Tibytt

One of the best airlines in Asia offers matchless first-class service, including a VIP boarding lounge, private cabins with an elegant Asian aesthetic and five-star cuisine.

Considered one of Asia’s preeminent airlines, Singapore Airlines offers first-class service that is hard to match. With private cabins, which the company refers to as suites, and huge armchairs, the flagship airline of the small Asian country connects major cities of the world like Dubai, Paris, Los Angeles, Boston, New York and many more.
Singapore Airlines

In general, availability in first class has declined significantly over the past two decades, especially among Asian airlines, where flights have become more and more popular. However, a surge in the Asian and Middle Eastern economies has set in motion a competition between these regions, as airlines aim to offer the best first-class service in the industry, looking to entice the growing public that is eager for this type of luxury. Airlines like Fly Emirates, Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines currently offer the most exclusive cabins, combined with complementary services, that in many cases, surpass the experiences available on private jets.

One of Singapore Airlines’ strongest points is its pre-boarding lounge, a VIP area available only to first class passengers departing from Singapore Airport, coined the Private Room. Passengers are greeted at an independent terminal by staff who take care of their luggage and escort them to a seated check-in area. Any customs procedures are carried out in an exclusive area, and afterward passengers may access the VIP lounge.
Singapore Airlines

Leaving behind the business area, and even first class, patrons enter the Private Room, a kind of secluded, modern club with super-sized armchairs, views of the runways, TV screens, an à la carte restaurant and personal grooming areas. The décor, gastronomic offerings and service provided by the staff easily satisfy the most demanding five-star standards. If your flight itinerary takes you from the United States or Europe to Asia or the Middle East, you will most likely have the pleasure of enjoying this space, since layovers are typically at Singapore Airport.

Once passengers board the aircraft, they’ll find two types of first-class cabins available. The first is the regular cabin, which offers a wide armchair that converts into a bed by removing an armrest. Passengers are greeted with a glass of Dom Pérignon or Krug champagne and are presented a personal kit that includes pajamas, slippers and grooming items. Seats include a 24-inch screen, Bose headphones and a smart remote. Service on board includes a gourmet à la carte menu and premium drinks for all tastes.
Singapore Airlines

The other option, available only on the Airbus A380-800, is a private cabin called a suite. Suites offer amenities like those described above but in an enclosed area that isolates the traveler in their own space. These splendid areas, featuring an Asian aesthetic, were designed by Jean-Jacques Coste, the prestigious French architect best known for his work on luxury yachts.

Thanks to airlines in Asia, first-class travel is an incomparable experience, and without a doubt, Singapore Airlines is in the running for the most luxurious services available on the market.  ■

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