Homemade Meals For Dogs: The Healthy Alternative

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Our dogs don’t need our table scraps. These nutritious and delicious recipes created especially for dogs will make them happy and keep them healthy.

Dogs, like all living creatures, get tired of eating the same food day after day. Although they cannot complain, they are also affected by gastronomic monotony. Indeed, planning a natural diet for our pets is the best way to show we love them and care about their wellbeing. But if we want to prepare a meal for our beloved pet, we have to choose the ingredients carefully since many foods are not appropriate and may even be harmful to their health.

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Healthy pet recipes.

A serious error that can have unfortunate consequences is to think that a home cooked meal for our pets could consist of our table scraps. This should never be the case, as there are many foods that are suitable for us but are detrimental to the health of our pets.

Some paradigmatic examples: the avocado, rich in fat, can cause stomach pain, vomiting and even pancreatitis in dogs, and raw fish will result in a deficit of thiamine (vitamin B), which takes away their appetite, can provoke seizures and, in severe cases, even death.

In fact, the best choice would be to ask a veterinarian to provide you with the list of dangerous foods, which all pet owners should have at hand. We cannot stress enough the importance of contacting a canine nutritionist as the dog’s nutritional requirements vary according to their size, age, level of activity or special needs (puppies, pregnant females, nursing dogs, etc.). Vitamins and mineral supplements should also be considered. Once you have compiled all the information required, you can start preparing simple, quick and nutritionally balanced dishes that will make your dog a much happier pet and better integrated into the family. Here are three recipes tested by canine nutrition professionals that will delight your loving companions.

Pasta with Chicken

Pasta is an essential source of energy and contains no fat, which makes it very convenient for feeding your dog. It is important to choose the correct type of pasta: it must be short, like macaroni, pipe rigate or torchietti. Do not use long pasta that could cause choking, as dogs tend to swallow food without chewing it well. It is necessary to boil the pasta a little longer than we would for ourselves. Mix the pasta with a couple of fillets of grilled chicken breast or unsalted ham. Your dog will find it irresistible. Beware: some dogs may be allergic to carbohydrates.

Cream of Vegetables with Tofu

Nutritionally speaking, just like humans, dogs are omnivores. This implies they can feed on meat and also vegetables. A diet that combines both foods is a healthy alternative for them. Green leafy vegetables provide essential vitamins and nutrients to the diet. You can prepare a tasty cream, which only requires water, cabbage, spinach, chard or other leafy vegetables. This will give your pet a healthy dose of vitamin C, vitamin K, protein, fiber, and calcium. If to this recipe, you add a portion of tofu (soybean curd rich in high-quality protein) and mix it well in a blender, you will get a nutritionally adequate dish that your pet will love. Serve lukewarm, as dogs don’t tolerate hot foods very well.


Cooked eggs are completely suitable for dogs. It is best to cook them as omelets. Beat two eggs, add some lean pork, chicken or grilled fish, diced. Also, add some cooked spinach leaves and cook everything together in a pan with very little oil. It is important that the eggs are completely curdled. The omelet will be ready in three minutes, which is the time it takes your pet to eat it. Enjoy his cheerful satisfaction at the end of the feast. 

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