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Pets That Fly First Class

Veronique de Miguel

Pets can travel alone or with their owners thanks to special services from private charters that transport animals. Luxury and care for your pet are always guaranteed.

The sad poetic image “I have been left abandoned in the streets like a homeless dog” belongs to the distant past. At least, that is what Coco must think. Coco is Victoria and David Beckham`s pet, who crossed the Atlantic in a first class flight. The service he received aboard Petair included delicacies prepared by British star chef Gordon Ramsay, bedding, water and constant medical attention during the long trip from London to Los Angeles.

First Class Pets

But Coco “Beckham” is not the only pet that travels first class. Roscoe and Coco, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton`s dogs, accompany him to every competition no matter how far around the world. They travel by private jet and Hamilton often posts on Twitter images of his inseparable companions enjoying their pampered life.

Today, pets can choose two ways of flying first class. They can accompany their owners in the cabin on board a regular flight or in an aircraft tailored to their unique needs. Pet Airways has jets exclusively devoted to transport pets. During the flight, an attendant makes a round every 15 minutes in case one of the furry passengers should need a visit to the bathroom.

First Class Pets

The possibility of sharing a flight with their pet allows owners the joy of going skiing with family and pets on tow. Flexjet and Net Jet, two airlines specialized in executive travel include in their programs shared flights with pets. The emotional farewells are long gone and there is no impediment for owners and their faithful friends to continue their bond of affection in their chosen destination.

First Class Pets

Pet travel services incorporate new offers that increase their comfort and safety on board and the animal’s calm and relaxation on the ground. Execujet includes, in their programs, airfare, pick up and delivery, first class amenities and medical checkups. In addition, they deal with all kinds of related transactions, exempting your beloved friend of veterinary inspection and quarantine abroad. If your pet suffers from a medical condition, a veterinary health service from Jet Set Vets will check, accompany and assist them all the way. It was Dr. Cindy Bressler, a New York and Hampton’s veterinarian, founder of Canine Concierge, who founded the veterinary health program Bluestar Jets, after exercising the responsibility of accompanying pets in flight and at their destination for years. A portion of the proceeds of this flight program for pets is destined to animal charity organizations.  ■

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