Pamper Your Pet With Elegant Furnishings from Chimère

Heike Söns

Bold and contemporary designs belie the myth that pet furniture has to be purely functional. See how you can pamper your pet with elegant furnishings from Chimère in this short guide.

With so many luxurious options and accessories to choose from for your pet why not make their bed and places to lounge just as luxe? With comfortable, elegant and whimsical designs from Chimère, a firm dedicated exclusively to modern furnishings for pets, pet owners can now provide top of the line sophisticated furniture for their beloved pets.Luxury Pet Furnishings
Whether you are looking for furniture for your gold fish, your hamster, rabbit or big dogs, the French firm established by Frederic Stouls and Marc Ange offer cutting edge, comfortable and especially designed furnishings to emulate luxury human furnishings. Each item created by this duo is a statement piece, or a decorative object inspired by the most outstanding historical visions, which invariably evoke classic aesthetic principles, with a twist. “The design of these pieces are simple, iconic and universal. They are inspired by the 1950s, by Scandinavian purity of lines and French elegance,” says Ange.Luxury Pet Furnishings
We were surprised by the organic, minimalist design of their unmatched water tank, which allows your fish to look like never before in this splendid blown glass bowl. Treat your bird to a rocking cage that combines the lightness of aluminum with the strength of oak and do not overlook their incredibly cozy sofas for dogs or cats, luxuriously lined with Danish fabrics of the highest quality. You can also give your hamster or bunny rabbit a comfortable home in an oak and ceramic cabinet. Finally, let your kitty enjoy individual privacy in their special sandbox, varnished and finished with high quality materials.The talented founders of Chimère, Stouls and Ange, are the first designers to devote their efforts to pamper pets with unique contemporary, practical and cozy furnishings. “I could not understand why there was nothing that was well done and so beautifully designed that we would want it for ourselves. Our designs are romantic, and take us back to our childhood.”Luxury Pet Furnishings
“You can see how dogs and cats immediately take over their furniture,” says Stouls, who worked for 12 years in the financial industry in France and the UK. Ange, who is in charge of creativity and designs in their Bloom Room study, is already preparing a new collection to be presented at Milan’s International Furniture Fair next year.

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