Puphaus: The Avant-Garde House for Your Pet

Nicholas Sterling

Puphaus is the new trend of luxury homes for pets.

Our dogs deserve and need to have a nameplate, a great collar, a proper leash, his favorite toys and all necessary vaccinations, as well as a suitable place to stay overnight when we cannot have him with us. It is, therefore, essential to provide him or her a corner in the garden or patio, and make sure that his place is comfortable, safe and private.PuphausAmong the wide range of homes for dogs on the market, we have found one that is especially noteworthy. We are talking about a new product presented by the Atlanta-basedPlatform Product Design, founded by industrial designer Zach Griggs and graphic designer Roy Fleeman. The firm has created Puphaus, their first doghouse distinguished by its high-quality standards, excellent materials and modern concept.

Both Fleeman and Griggs wanted to achieve something truly unique for man’s best friend. They aimed to put aside the plastic igloos and those rustic dwellings that look and feel like wooden crates. Puphaus is an ideal medium for our pets, a stylized house made of natural materials such as American red cedar and sturdy panels of Portland cement. The design is inspired by the architectural style of some prototypes of modern houses built for humans.Puphaus

The Puphaus is intended to be used outdoors but can also be installed inside our homes. If set outdoors, it is recommended that Puphaus be placed on a flat level surface such as a garden, patio or terrace in an area not prone to flooding.

Some of the innovative features of this dwelling are the fact that it doesn’t require any assembly; it is not necessary to use any tool and can be ready in only five easy steps. Additionally it has adjustable legs for easy leveling, integrated food and water bowls located on the outside, and a floating roof for enhanced air circulation. The house is also corrosion resistant and needs no maintenance even when it is permanently located outdoors. Over time, the Puphaus develops a natural patina of age, but if you want to slow down that change, simply keep it far from mud and wet leaves.


Currently, the Puphaus is only available in red cedar and gray Portland cement plate. These materials are left unfinished by design. However, it can be made with natural unpainted wood. Color can also be applied to the cement board using a special paint.

The house is designed for dogs under 50 pounds. If your pets exceed this weight, they will not readily conform to the internal dimensions. A Puphaus can be a wonderful Christmas gift for that loyal companion that brings love and joy to our lives, and at the same time it can be a striking piece of furniture in the garden. The price of the Puphaus is $990.

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