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C8 Preliator: The Supercar From Spyker

Federico Tibytt

Made in the UK, this two-seater faithfully reflects the tradition of the brand and offers a compelling alternative in the competitive market of European sportscars.

The Dutch brand Spyker introduced an updated version of its model Spyker C8, the “Preliator,” which features impressive and elegant exterior lines, dazzling interior design, and a fantastic Audi V8 turbo engine of 4,200 ccs and 518 horsepower. This advanced mechanism allows the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km (0/62 mph) in 3.7 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 323 km/h (201 mph).

Founded in 1880, Spyker is a carmaker that initially specialized in the construction and repair of carriages. In fact, one of the company’s most important milestones is having built in 1901 the solid gold carriage for the Dutch crown, which is still used in the royal coronation ceremonies.

C8 Preliator: The Supercar From Spyker

But a passion for mechanics led the brand to build its first car in 1898. Just five years after, they created the famous Spyker with 60 HP. The car would become the first in history to have a 6-cylinder engine.

With the outbreak of the World War I, the company started its foray into the aviation industry, manufacturing combat planes and more than two hundred engines for various aircraft while continuing the production of different models of sporting family cars until 1925, when it closed its doors.

In 2000, a group of mostly British investors bought the business and recovered its legacy to undertake the construction of limited edition super sports cars. The Preliator offers a line of contemporary design adaptable to general market requirements, without sacrificing the brand’s distinctive aeronautical roots. It features a wide hood preceded by the imposing front grille that distinguishes the model. On the front of the car, the air inlets and wings are perfectly showcased alongside the ailerons to improve the car’s aerodynamic performance—the elongated lights give it an aggressive and contemporary personality.

C8 Preliator: The Supercar From Spyker

The air intakes to the rear wheels—with a more subtle design and not as provocative as in previous models — as well as the surprising side stabilizing fins stand out on the sides. On the back, the model has beautiful three-dimensional LED brake lights, with a design similar to the lights used in fighter jets. There is also a series of stunning air diffusers and two perfectly finished tailpipes that complete the design.

The interior of the Preliator is incredibly opulent. With the aesthetic of a classic aircraft, the driver will enjoy hand-stitched leather upholstery, combined with an aluminum dashboard full of clocks, buttons, and vintage-style small levers. And a Spyker wouldn’t be complete without exposed shift linkage or floor-mounted pedals that look as if they belonged on a race car.

The unique interior finished with materials of excellent quality is complemented by the HEAD UP display (translucent digital projections) on the windshield, which includes cutting-edge features such as GPS, multimedia with wireless synchronization and a computer.

The Spyker is currently manufactured in the UK and faithfully reflects the tradition of the brand and offers a compelling alternative in the competitive European market of super sports cars.  ■

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