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The 720S Spider, McLaren’s new convertible supercar

Federico Tibytt

The McLaren 720S Spider, which offers a V8 biturbo engine of 4L and 717 horses, combined with a transmission of 7 speeds and double clutch of programmable management, along with its carbon fiber chassis makes it the fastest and lightest car of its competitors.

The 720s Spider, is an impressive convertible super car that shows that McLaren wants to fight to stay on top of the super sports cars market. The Spider is a rigid roof vehicle that weighs 108 pounds more than the regular version of the model and retains 100% performance, accelerating from 0 to 60 m / h in 2.9 seconds, arriving at 339 km / h maximum speed with the roof closed and 323 km / h with the roof open. With a total weight of 3399 pounds, the 720S Spider is positioned as the lightest and fastest convertible in the world.

Technical specs of the 720S Spider

The unique features of the 720S Spider are possible thanks to the efficiency of its one-piece carbon fiber chassis called Monocage II, which offers a rigidity that allowed its designers to not make changes to the functional structure of the new convertible version.

McLaren 720S Spider precio
McLaren 720S Spider

The exterior designs of both models are practically identical, the only difference is the back of the Spider version, in which they added a super rigid structure that anchors the safety belts and offers protection against deformation of the car in the case of accidents.

This convertible supercar also includes the fastest retractable roof system on the market, capable of being activated in only 11 seconds, it is available up to a speed of 31 m / h. The rigid roof of the vehicle is made of carbon fiber, but it can be equipped with an electrochromic glass that darkens as much as its owner wishes at the push of a button in the center console.

And finally, it should be noted that this car offers incredible visibility despite being a high performance convertible two-seater. Its lightweight structure allows for very thin front and rear windshield pillars and rear windows that, in combination with the translucent roof, provide a feeling of spaciousness and great visibility, which is very difficult to find in competitive models.

What are the cars that compete with the McLaren 720S Spider?

McLaren has been historically Ferrari’s rival in Formula 1 and, in recent years, has positioned itself strongly as a benchmark for European super cars.

The 720S Spider competes directly with two very successful models positioned in the international market, such as the Ferrari 488 Spider and the Lamborghini Aventador Spider. Three vehicles that present the same configuration of high performance convertible supercar, but offer very important differences.

McLaren 720S Spider
McLaren 720S Spider

The 488 Spider of Ferrari could say that it is the most conventional and modest model of these three, with a V8 twin-turbo engine of 4L and 669 horses, a weight of 3527 pounds and rear-wheel drive that allow you to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and reach a final speed of 201 m / h with the roof closed. However, the latest model was presented in 2015 and has not undergone major changes since.

The Lamborghini offers a giant 6.5L V12 atmospheric engine, 740 horsepower, 4 wheel drive and 3,946 pounds of weight, which allows the car to reach60 m / h in 3 seconds, reaching 217 m / h. But by the weight and size of its engine, the driving sensations are not as pleasant as its competitors and the consumption is much higher.

McLaren 720S Spider
Engine of the McLaren 720S Spider

The McLaren 720S Spider, offers a V8 biturbo engine of 4L and 717 horses, combined with a transmission of 7 speeds and double clutch of programmable management, which combined with its carbon fiber chassis makes it the fastest and lightest car of the three.

How does the McLaren 720S Spider compare in price to its rivals?

The 720S Spider is now available for purchase and has a basic duty-free price of around USD $ 274,000. The Ferrari is a step below, starting from USD $ 221,000 tax-free, while the most expensive of all is still the Lamborghini, which due to its huge V12 engine reaches an initial price of USD $ 357,000.

Buying a super car is always an exciting acquisition. Beyond the value and benefits of the vehicle, its owners usually buy them because they love the incredible engineering and luxury of these models. Because of these factors McLaren has offered a price, quality and performance in the 720S Spider that currently positions itself as the best convertible in the sports car industry. 

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