Hermès’ Boldest Projects

Franky M.

The renowned French firm goes beyond its emblematic creations: leather goods, perfumes and decoration. It also ventures into the world of cars, sports, yachts and aviation.

The ultimate expression of luxury has a name: Hermès. Led by the descendants of its founder Thierry Hermès, the French company doesn’t make concessions with its exclusive products, which are not intended for the masses. Their famous Kelly and Birkin bags cost more than $7,500 and, along with Chanel, it is the most desired independent firm, not only by consumers, but also companies from other sectors who seek the collaboration of their skilled craftsmen.
HermèsDiscreet, sophisticated and timeless, Hermès is synonymous with fashion, leather goods, perfumes and decoration. But the label has also ventured into many other industries. The team of Hermès Horizons, a division that designs the interiors of private jets and helicopters, also shows a preference for other types of vehicles. In 2008, the firm personalized the interior of the Bugatti Veyron Hermès Edition, one of today’s most exclusive cars, valued at more than $2 million.

That same year, Hermès also worked on the Citroen 2CV on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. The luxury company did the same with the Rolls-Royce used to greet guests of the Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris, and even designed a line to celebrate the tenth birthday of the Smart Fortwo automobile. Their most recent endeavor is the interior design of the Hyundai Equus sedan by Hermès, with leather upholstery and soft-leather-covered steering wheels. And surely, not even the smallest detail was overlooked. See more fashion articles here.

The renowned French firm also sails the seas and almost touches the clouds. It made its first foray into the shipping industry in 2009 together with the manufacturer Wally Yachts. The result was a mega yacht with helipad, 190 feet long and 124 feet wide, called Why Wally by Hermès (it has a little brother, 125 feet long and 78 feet wide). The yacht is priced between 116 and 129 million dollars, although the final cost depends on the particular requests of each client. When it comes to flying, the company is responsible for the EC135 Hermès Airbus, a corporate plane with seating for five passengers. However, this idea is not exclusive to Hermès, as years before the Italian brand Versace had designed the interior of an Airbus 319 for the Swiss company TAG Aircraft Interiors.

And since Hermès also has a penchant for sports, it has lent its name to several bike models. In collaboration with the company Time Sport International, they created the elegant Le Flâneur bike, priced around $10,487. Of course, the firm will continue to surprise us with more fun products. We can hardly wait to review the bold selections from the firm, which surely will have the stamp of elegance, quality and originality that distinguishes the French label.  ■

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