Boeing 747-8 VIP: Aeroloft

Ana B. Remos

Aeroloft + Boeing 747-8 VIP = Mile-High Luxury

The Boeing 747-8 VIP is truly the “Palace of the Clouds.” One of its most remarkable features are the new, private sleeping berths for sleeping and resting — Aeroloft® — located on the upper level via stairway access from the main deck. VIP passengers are pampered via the benefit of their own exclusive rest area, providing the perk of substantially increased leisure, repose, and overall luxurious comfort.

“Being a Gold Boeing supplier is a key advantage to our clients. They know we have the technical experience to deliver on our promise. The Aeroloft product is a great example of this.”
– Bret Neely, Executive Vice President, Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

In addition to their personal quarters, VIPs have access to a Changing Room and Wardrobe.

Read more and view photos here, or just enjoy the video below:


Can you see yourself enjoying the amenities and solitude of the Aeroloft on your next flight overseas?

We can! ■

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