The Most Expensive Easter Egg

Veronica Boix

More than 1,000 diamonds, 18K gold and other precious stones adorn the Mirage, the world’s most expensive Easter egg valued at more than $8 million.

When Tsar Alexander III commissioned Peter Carl Fabergé Gustavovich the first Easter egg to give to his wife Empress Maria Fyodorevna in 1885, he only requested that the jewel should contain a surprise. The gift so delighted the Czarina that the ritual became an imperial tradition. Fabergé was inspired by European artistic styles such as baroque, rococo and neoclassical to make a series of eggs that are considered true masterpieces of jewelry art.

Today, another egg, the Mirage, inspires equal admiration. This gem, sophisticated and extravagant, seems the perfect combination of imperial Fabergé eggs and an iconic platinum skull covered in diamonds titled For the Love of God, created by the most highly prized contemporary artist of our time, Damien Hirst. The Mirage boasts more than 1,000 diamonds valued at $ 2.5 million, making this piece a dazzling gem.


As if it were a treasure chest, the egg opens to reveal a royal blue bubble made of 18K solid gold. Its interior hides the most charming symbol of world peace: a crystal dove with a golden beak and eyes made of precious stones, perched on an olive branch and about to take flight. With astonishing precision and delicacy, this unique jewel was hand carved with special attention to the smallest detail.

One of the most outstanding lapidary artists in the world, the German Manfred Wild, was commissioned to create and assemble this artwork. After meticulous work that took three years and which involved a group of elite craftsmen from three continents, Wild finished this fantastic piece of jewelry.


For now, a mysterious collector who wishes to remain anonymous owns the Mirage. However, the diamond expert and celebrity jeweler Vashi Dominguez, founder and owner of Diamond Manufacturers of London, managed to contact its owner, and said that although he has no intention of selling this excellent piece, a suitable price could persuade him to do so. “It is simply one of the finest pieces of jewelry ever created,” said Dominguez.

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