Poglia: Rustic and Elegant Handcrafted Items

Carl Pettit

This New York firm produces outstanding everyday products, such as knives or blankets, with original and sophisticated no-frills design.

What do you get when you mix Brazilian culture with Italian design aesthetics, and then add a hefty dose of the artistic freedom and inspiration that New York City offers? Poglia. From beautiful hand-crafted knives to gorgeous virgin wool loom-woven blankets, Brazilian native and New York transplant Max Poglia has been cooking up some wildly imaginative designs in his workshop. Poglia’s creations are no-frills objects that project a polished sense of masculinity, including items like Horn & Wood series of knives, a solid-brass horse ashtray, an anvil paperweight, vegetable tanned leather bags (Classic, Porter and Weekender), plus much more. All crafted by very skilled hands, the result is sophisticated items, but the underlying statement is simple: These are select items for people who enjoy quality and simplicity.

Max Poglia mixes his Brazilian and Italian heritage into his ruggedly handsome works of utilitarian art. Having bounced around from Brazil to Italy, and then finally landing in New York, he’s been afforded the opportunity to soak up the unpretentious yet elegant artistic traditions these diverse countries have to offer, along with centuries worth of craftsmanship know-how to back the quality of his products. From Poglia’s Brooklyn-based home, this unique brand has been gaining traction. Customers who choose a piece from one of the company’s select lines will be treated to expertly made goods with a classic, weathered style

When it comes to blades, no two Poglia knives are the same. His blades are cut from re-purposed steel, generally from old disk plows. The handles are crafted from materials like bone, horn and wood, solid brass and handmade leather sheaths. These very special, durable knives convey old-world charm.

For customers not necessarily looking for a handmade high-end cutting tool, virgin wool loom-woven blankets from southern Brazil provide another wonderful shopping option. With natural color and feel, they are devoid of any added colors or pigments. These lovely blankets make a perfect gift for friends seeking out a bit of rustic allure. They can be used to decorate the home or taken out on a picnic.

Max Poglia’s hand-cut, handcrafted, lifestyle brand also collaborates with companies sharing a similar ethos. Japan’s Old Joe Clothing, specializing in handcrafted denim apparel, and MadeWorn, a Los Angeles-based luxury lifestyle brand, brought to life by craftsman and fashion designer Blaine Halvorson, are two examples of successful partnerships.

Through collaborations, good work and a distinctive vision,
Max Poglia has forged, hammered, sewn and stitched some incredible creations. He’s brought a tasteful, rough edge to his handy knives, not to mention the appealing designs of his blankets and leather bags. Lovers of art, leather and steel should take note because this is one lifestyle brand that promises many brilliant things to come.

Photo Credits: Tomo Hatano


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