Discover the Top Restaurants Favored By The Most Affluent People in the World

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Discover a list of the world's best restaurants. But not just any list. This selection was done by the world's wealthiest individuals. Chicago's Alinea is the favorite of private jet owners whose annual income exceeds 5 million dollars.

Every year, “gourmands” choose the best restaurants in the world to be included in the San Pellegrino list or want to receive a coveted Michelin Guide star. Which begs the question…which restaurants are preferred by the most affluent people in the world? And which restaurants do millionaires go to for business dinners or to enjoy their personal time?

Millionaires´s favorite restaurants
Alinea Restaurant. / Photo: Christian Seel.

Chicago’s Alinea restaurant, owned by Chef Grant Achatz rates as number 2 by Elite Traveler magazine, which takes into account the views of owners and users of private jets whose annual income exceeds 5 million dollars.

The restaurant Daniel in New York City, property of Chef Daniel Boulud ranks as number 15; and London’s The Fat Duck, owned by Chef Heston Blumenthal, ranks as number 11, respectively, in a surprising selection where fifth place belongs to Azurmendi, led by the young eco-gastronomic chef Eneko Atxa. Preceding it in the list are Osteria Francescana in Modena Italy, in fourth place; Eleven Madison Park in New York, in third place, and Switzerland’s Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville, which ranks as number 1 and is most preferred by consumers with more purchasing power.

Alinea, a gastronomical delight in Chicago

Millionaires´s favorite restaurants
Chef Grant Achatz & Mike Bagale. / Photo: Christian Seel.

Alinea, with three Michelin stars, is committed to emotional and avant-garde cuisine. Since opening its doors in May 2005, it stole the headlines for its amazing and theatrical mise en scène: food was suspended on wires or served directly on the table without plates. The reputation of Chef Achatz, one of the greatest in the world and a benchmark of “molecular gastronomy” was recognized in awards from Restaurant magazine, with its Chefs’ Choice Award, an honor bestowed by his own colleagues.

Azurmendi, where identity becomes universal

Millionaires´s favorite restaurants
Chef Eneko Atxa.

Azurmendi, only ten minutes from Bilbao, opened in 2005 as “a place where the ‘identity’ pleasure becomes universal,” according to Chef Atxa, who at 35 became one of the youngest professionals to earn three Michelin stars in 2012. His restaurant, featuring authentic Basque cuisine, sits on a hill surrounded by vines, and has a garden with 36 native plants and uses sustainable energy.

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier, perfection and art at its finest

Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier.
Un plato del Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier.

In Crissier, near Lausanne, Chef Franck Giovanni prepares his kitchen with healthy products, his dishes highlight the perfection and art of a gourmet kitchen, that is constantly evolving. This great restaurant ranks as number one in the eyes of those who loves haute cuisine: “We treat every food that enters the restaurant with respect, ensuring that its essence is not altered.”

They also focus on the purity of the taste of the food: “We work the ingredient without mixing the flavors too much, the dishes that structure the menu are designed to avoid the repetition of flavors.”

And of course, they make a meticulous selection of foods before they are used, taking into account their texture, their visual appearance and their flavor. All these are fresh and of high quality. Their menus are designed to ensure the integration of a variety of foods, in order to respect the nutritional balance.

Notable Absentees
Among the most notable absentees from the top ten is the Danish restaurant Noma, which might have been harmed because some of its customers suffered food poisoning in February 2013. And you have to go down to number 56 to find the Mugaritz in San Sebastián. However, some of the restaurants featured in the list are La Pergola, a luxurious eatery with spectacular views of the city of Rome, London’s The Ledbury and Osteria Francescana from Chef Massimo Bottura, considered the fourth best restaurant in the world, which closes the top ten in the list of restaurants preferred by millionaires.

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