A Guide To The Top 9 Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

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This year’s picks for the Top 9 Elite Foodie Destinations in Barcelona will leave you awe-struck and ready to indulge in Spain’s finest Catalan Cuisine.

There are few destinations in the world which rival the culinary renaissance taking place in Barcelona.  A wave of creatively esculent artwork has transformed the city’s traditional heritage of dining excellence, providing an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in nothing less than an exceptional tour of a restauranteur’s utopia. Barcelona is brimming with innovative chef’s who specialize in dazzling even the most selective foodies. From contemporary cuisine to masterfully reinvented traditional seafood, patrons of Barcelona’s fine dining scene have limitless opportunity to indulge in a phenomenal spectrum of flavors.  

Barcelona, Spain

As you prepare to embark on your culinary voyage into the heart of Barcelona’s restaurant districts, be sure to include each of these nine uncanny dining experiences on your coveted list of enduringly earned reservations:


A contemporary tapas bar, Tickets is a collaboration between Albert and Ferran Adria as well as the foodie favored Iglesias brothers. The restaurant features five small-plate tapas bars and impressively open kitchen spaces that showcase a dynamic spectrum of preparation disciplines. Choose from a revolving menu that features potato cubes with wagyu tartare and eel canapes with yuzu tarama.

Tickets Barcelona
Strawberry dessert at Tickets. Photo courtesy of Tickets

Based on a glamorous theater theme with a touch of cabaret, Tickets offers online booking for dates two months in the future, with booking opening everyday at midnight.

Restaurante Mano Rota

With attention to local Catalan delicacies and traditional spanish cuisine, Chef Bernat Bermudo infuses Chinese and Japanese flavors into his artisanal creations,  in tribute to his wife’s Peruvian heritage at Restaurante Mano Rota.

Restaurante Mano Rota
Cevhiche at Restaurante Mano Rota. Photo courtesy of Restaurante Mano Rota

Foodie favorite dishes include soft-shell crab ceviche, oysters in aguachile of roasted jalapeno, apple and avocado, or lobster sudado ramen. An extensive selection of wine was painstakingly selected by Chef Bermudo himself, to accent each entree with a delicate balance of aromatics that highlight the subtle flavors hidden in each dish.  

Lomo Alto

Carnivorous aesthetes will adore the selection of exquisite dry aged beef, adroitly grilled over charcoal flames. The laboriously selected meats of Lomo Alto range from impeccably tender veal to meticulously aged ox loin, cultivated from the finest live stock generations in the world.

Lomo Alto
Cuts of meat being prepared at Lomo Alto. Photo courtesy of Lomo Alto

If you should find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sumptuous menu selections,  consider indulging in the magic of the daily-orchestrated tasting menu or collaborate with the tenured staff, who are eager to convey their combined decades of meat carving experience. Ready for a slice of life? Enjoy the meat-cutting tradition right at your table, providing you with a savory, unforgettable dining experience that will satiate even the most sophisticated palette.


Fismuler, the eminently acclaimed Barcelona dining experience, is the collaboration of Nino Redruello, Jaime Santianes, and Patxi Zumarraga, who share an enduring  friendship centered on a passion for food. They’ve created a stylish atmosphere with exposed wood and brick to complement a menu adorned in traditional Spanish culinary heritage.

Corvina dish from Fismuler. Photo courtesy of Fismuler

Unique dishes include cured sea bream and the sea anemone omelet, with an indefinitely rotating daily menu of locally sourced organic produce.  

El Chigre 1769

Located in a 1769-era stone building, El Cigre 1769 delivers Asturian delicacies, such as Atlantic shellfish so fresh they’re dripping with seawater and charcoal-roasted Pyrenees pork knuckle that is simply unparalleled in flavor. Impressively innovative Spanish cuisine served in a causal, historic atmosphere? What’s not to love?

El Chigre 1769
Check out the Catalan, Asturian Cider and Vermouth Bar vibe at El Chigre 1769

Emphasizing their Catalan, Asturian Cider and Vermouth Bar vibe, the twin kitchen cultures combine to place their foodie focus on the feast itself. The restaurant fully supports small farmers to ensure only pristine locally sourced ingredients are available to their selective patrons.

Restaurant Estimar

Those with a passion for seafood delicacies will fall in love with the boundless treasures available at Restaurant Estimar, a conspicuously lux establishment operating under the direction of Chef Rafa Zafra.

Favorite dishes include the fried baby squid in ink-tinted aioli and rare oceanic delights like angulas, or baby eels. The spectacle of locally sourced and imported crustaceans, fish, and mollusks, delicately and ornately arranged on a bed of ice, serves as the pinnacle installation in the central dining room.

Restaurant Montiel

Down a narrow brick corridor in the heart of Barcelona, Restaurant Montiel has earned a spectacular distinction as one of Barcelona’s most ingenious dining experiences. Catering to dietary-restricted foodies, Restaurant Montiel offers an eight-course tasting menu filled with gluten-free and dairy-free selections crafted to delight even the most selective culinary aficionados.

Restaurant Montiel
Dessert at Restaurant Montiel. Photo courtesy of Restaurant Montiel

A spectacular vegetarian menu is constantly reinvented depending on seasonal availability of locally sourced produce. Patrons lucky enough to score a coveted reservation are treated to an eclectic variety of masterfully crafted entrées including baby squid, crispy pork jowl, and chilled almond soup. Ingredients are procured from purely organic farms, ensuring seasonally selected, healthy dishes are available for pairing with over one-hundred wine selections.  


At Hetta, your first stop is meeting the chefs that artfully prepare your meal, including Swedish chef Olof Johansson, Italian chef Alberto Sambinelli, Spanish chef David Morera, and Colombian chef Paola Piscotta.

Tomato dish at Hetta Restaurant. Courtesy of Hetta

With acquaintances exchanged, you are then free to immerse yourself in the process of selecting from classical Spanish dishes, each prepared with a delectable array of seasonally inspired ingredients. Menu selections vary by their intensity of flavors, cooking temperatures, and textures. Consider the black blini with artichoke caviar and lukewarm cuttlefish salmagundi if you’re inspired to expand your culinary horizons.


This celebration of gastronomic achievement greets patrons at the gateway to the Ninot Market. Disfrutar features a Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere and avant-garde menu prepared by chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casanas, and Eduard Xatruch. Receiving its second Michelin Star in 2018, Disfrutar also earned their Restaurant of the Year title from The Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition before landing on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in spot #18.

Almond tomato and basil tart from Disfrutar
Almond tomato and basil tart from Disfrutar. Photo courtesy of Disfrutar

The tasting menus are composed of an innovatively creative melange of impeccable ingredients, inspired by an enduring passion for delightfully bold flavors. Those fortunate enough to acquire a reservation can luxuriate in the Gran Classic, a tasting menu featuring house specialties or, in celebration of the decadence Disfrutar has come to define, indulge in the Disfrutar Festival tasting menu, which expounds on seasonally inspired flavors that set a precedent for culinary excellence. 

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