Cellular rejuvenation

La Prairie and Omorovicza guard the secrets of cellular rejuvenation discovered by medieval alchemists

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The super effective Caviar Absolute cellular skin therapy and the revolutionary colloidal gold treatment Gold Rescue Cream are exciting news for women who value the quality and youth of their skin.

The exclusive Clinique La Prairie, located on the shore of the Geneva Lake, in the Swiss city of Montreux, is one of the most recognized and complete health and spa centers in the world. It has more than 80 years of reputation and loyal customers from Europe’s high society and royalty and keeps, within its luxurious facilities, some of the best-kept secrets of the medieval alchemists. These secrets are no longer to transform metals into gold but to turn the passing of time into health and beauty.

La Prairie

Revealing the essence of eternal youth

The origins of cellular rejuvenation treatments date back to studies and tests performed by medieval alchemists. The renowned Swiss alchemist and doctor Paracelsus (1493-1541) described and made public the basic theory of cellular therapy. He argued that the best way to treat anything from a disease to aging was inserting healthy and living tissue into the organism to stimulate the reconstruction and rejuvenation of the affected tissue.

The scientific developments have allowed for the discovery of intricate cellular mechanisms and to create new and effective rejuvenating treatments.

Many years passed before another Swiss doctor, Paul Niehans, founder of La Prairie, also believed in the positive effects of the living cells therapy. It was in 1931 when, facing an inappropriate ablation of a patient’s parathyroid gland, and because of the urgency, he decided to inject living thyroid cells from a steer, which gave the patient other 30 years of healthy living.

Niehans later wrote about that event: “I thought the effect would be short-lasting, like a hormone injection, and that I would have to repeat the procedure. However, to my surprise, the fresh cells injection not only did not cause an adverse reaction, but the effect lasted longer than any synthetic hormone, implant or graft.”

La Prairie

Cellular therapy is presently very popular. The scientific developments have allowed for the discovery of intricate cellular mechanisms and to create new and effective rejuvenating treatments, like one of the last released by La Prairie, Skin Caviar Absolute, a state of the art technological process that allows us to obtain caviar’s essential nutrients in order to give mature skins the density, tone, firmness, and smoothness of young skin.

Properties of Colloidal Gold

During the Ottoman Empire’s splendor, the Hammam practice spread throughout Eastern Europe; this is a rejuvenating therapy based on the properties of thermal water. The prestigious Hungarian brand Omorovicza, which specializes in revitalizing cosmetics, works with the millennial healing thermal essence to provide natural products. There is evidence that supports the fact that Ottoman alchemists knew the process of molecular configuration of minerals in water, which is a mechanism that transforms them into bio-available, easily absorbed through the skin. That process was registered by Omorovicza under the Healing Concentrate denomination.

La Prairie

Proof of that is Omorovicza’s colloidal gold Gold Rescue Cream, a product that draws from gold’s recognized ability to repair micro lesions and nourishes the deeper layers of damaged skin. Applying it increases cellular activity and local circulation through free radical accumulation, which acts as a protecting shield against aging.

Omorovicza’s exquisite health and rejuvenation center is located in Raz, an ancient medieval source of health around Budapest, Hungary. The luxurious experience of getting an Omorovicza treatment has the added value of including high-performance natural alternatives, free of parabens and silicones and scented only with natural scents from Grasse, considered to be the French capital of perfume.  ■

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