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The Temple Bar, O’neills Victorian And 37 Dawson Street: Three Iconic Pubs In Dublin

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These Dublin pubs are ideal for those who want to learn about the culture and identity of an unforgettable country.

To better understand the ancient and historic city of Dublin and, at the same time, get to know the city’s unique lifestyle, you must visit some of its most famous pubs. Here we offer you a review of three of the most famous pubs in the Irish capital: Temple Bar, O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse, and 37 Dawson Street Pub.

The Temple Bar
47-48 Temple Bar

Dublin Pubs

Located in Dublin’s cultural quarter, famous for its lively nightlife, The Temple Bar is perhaps one of the most visited pubs in the city for its excellent live musical shows. The pub and its surroundings are a tribute to Sir William Temple (1555-1627), a renowned teacher and philosopher who was provost of Dublin’s respected Trinity College. Opened in 1840, The Temple Bar stands out for its bright red brick facade. Considered the center of Dublin night entertainment, its distinctive open courtyard and bar are ideal places to take the best Irish beers like the iconic Guinness. It also has a large selection of European beers, including Belgian abbey beers, highly appreciated by the discerning clientele that regularly visits the famous pub.

O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse
36-37 Pearse Street

Dublin Pubs

Located in the city center, opposite Trinity College and minutes from the famous O’Connell and Grafton streets, O’Neills Victorian Pub, and Townhouse is one of those must-see places during a visit to Dublin. Opened in 1885 during the reign of Queen Victoria, this pub has preserved the flair of the era. Since the first day, it has been managed by generations of the same family. An interesting fact: it is mentioned in Ulysses, the novel by Irish poet and novelist James Joyce, one of the most influential avant-garde writers of the 20th century. O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse is famous for its Irish breakfast of fried eggs, crispy bacon, beans, sausage, and cheese. They also serve a variety of beers, and its bar offers a choice of over 40 Irish whiskeys.

37 Dawson Street Pub
37 Dawson Street

Dublin Pubs

Located in the vibrant and always fashionable Dawson Street, this elegant and sophisticated pub is decorated with a fresh and innovative style. A welcoming gathering place, the 37 Dawson Street Pub is memorable for its cocktails and luxurious Victorian bar. Here, you can sample some of the best Irish whiskeys in a relaxed atmosphere. Its Sunday lunch features dishes with smoked salmon, beef tenderloin, Cashel blue cheese or typical Irish potato fritters, among other delicacies.

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