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Patrick Guilbaud And Thornton’s: Two Michelin Starred Restaurants In Dublin

J.M. Towers

Patrick Guilbaud and Thornton's, two restaurants in the Irish capital that stand out for their creative haute cuisine and remarkable chefs.

Nine restaurants in the green isle of Ireland boast Michelin stars. Among them, there are two especially noteworthy establishments located in Dublin, the Irish capital—which are remarkable for their creativity and high gastronomic proposal, as well as for the art and ability of their chefs. They are Patrick Guilbaud and Thornton’s.

Patrick Guilbaud Restaurant
21 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2

Michelin Stars in Dublin

The only restaurant with two Michelin stars in Ireland is Patrick Guilbaud, a temple of haute cuisine. Located in the Irish capital for over 30 years, it is housed in a beautiful Georgian manor from the 18th century— next to the prestigious Merrion Hotel— and its interior features an impressive collection of Irish art. The restaurant is owned by Patrick Guilbaud, a Parisian chef whose passion is high gastronomy, and it is run by the French chef Guillaume Lebrun, trained in the prestigious Lenôtre Traiteur. Lebrun creates delicious dishes using top quality seasonal products while the manager and head waiter, Stéphane Robin, runs with great skill and experience the magnificent menu and extensive wine list. Patrick Guilbaud restaurant is famous for its contemporary Irish cuisine with classic roots. Guests will be treated to select dishes such as Pan Roasted Duck Foie Gras with iced red miso, Cocoa and Peanut Croquant or the delicious Half a Dozen Carlingford Oysters with shallots, ginger, Asian dressing and coriander and lime salad. Patrick Guilbaud is a luxury restaurant with a charming atmosphere and excellent services that deliver a unique experience.
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Thornton’s Restaurant
128 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Michelin Stars in Dublin

Kevin Thornton, chef and owner of Thornton’s Restaurant, is a restless soul, an authentic, innovative and brilliant character who has spent over 25 years delighting locals and foreigners in his beautiful restaurant–awarded a Michelin star–on the first floor of Dublin’s Fitzwilliam hotel. Chef Thornton is the great philosopher of Irish food. The passion, understanding and imagination he shows in the kitchen are evident in his contemporary dishes where he combines the distinctive local flavors with the vivid memories of the food of his childhood. He is an artist because apart from being a cook he is also a writer, teacher and photographer. In his restaurant, Thornton offers far more than just food. The chef provides a sensory and emotional Irish immersive experience, offering his customers an unforgettable journey through a selection of the best products. “A leaf of sorrel is carried by the damp wind; a scallop is torn from brackish water; a flame shakes up a steak: earth, wind, water, fire. Food can be art and can be theater, it can be a memory and also emotion; it can be the flavor of our heritage and the taste of our future in one bite,” says Kevin Thornton. Thornton’s restaurant is today one of the most relevant culinary establishments in Dublin and one of the most respected eateries in Ireland.

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