The Scarlet Hotel In Singapore

Ana B. Remos

Singapore is a vibrant city with leisure options for young and old.

The stylish set has been flocking to the Scarlet Hotel in Singapore since 2004. The 80-room boutique is centrally located in Chinatown, near the Business District, amidst the vibrant Club Street community of specialty shops, trendy restaurants and cafes, wine bars, antique shops and art galleries.

Housed in a preserved prewar shop house, The Scarlet is a grand mansion decorated in glorious baroque style with interiors dominated by a variety of textures and colors matched almost in willful contradiction. The setting has been called dramatic, daring and bold for the juxtaposition of light and shadow of the décor. The dramatic mood extends to the five individually themed suites: Splendor, Passion, Opulent, Lavish and Swank, which offer a range of detailed aesthetics, unusual materials, and flourishes of colors conceptualized and designed to create quite a sensual ambiance.

Step outside and you will be enticed to sample the amazing variety of flavors found in Singaporean cuisine, a product of the multiethnic composition of this Asian city-state. The food here boasts influences from the native Malay, the predominant Chinese as well as Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan and Western traditions. If you visit during the summer, you’ll be privy to the delights of the yearly Singapore Food Festival, organized by the local government. At The Scarlet, food and drink options are as seductive as the design. Bold is a hotel bar with “attitude for trendsetters and fashionistas,” featuring a brazen mix of jet black, matt gold, cardinal reds, Porto Oro black marble and grey mirror clad ceilings, the ideal place to see and be seen in town. The rooftop restaurant, Breeze, is where al fresco dining becomes a cozy sanctuary under the starlit sky with spectacular views of Chinatown. The sumptuous local seafood platters are not to be missed! The main restaurant, Desire, “morphs from day to night with characteristic sensuality and glamour”.

Singapore is a vibrant city with leisure options for young and old. More than 11 million tourists (twice the country’s population) visit each year to take advantage of the unique cuisine, magnificent shopping, fabulous weather and cultural attractions. If you are ever in town for business or pleasure, The Scarlet, vivacious and uninhibited, will surely refresh your senses with heightened sensibility.


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