Southeast Asia: The Best Beaches, Reefs and Luxury Resorts for Scuba Diving Fans

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Dive with whale sharks, manta rays, baby sharks and other underwater marvels at some of the best reefs in the world in these “Secret Retreats.”

A group of resorts, restaurants and luxury private islands from Southeast Asia have joined forces to offer packages to scuba diving enthusiasts. Such services include the most attractive high-end conveniences and excursions to the best underwater exploration sites in the area. Under the name “Secret Retreats,” the best diving spots in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are now within reach.
Diving Destinations

Scuba diving is a fascinating activity that people often become obsessed with, not only because it allows to you to get in touch with a variety of underwater marvels, but also because it invites you to travel the world looking for incredible spots.

South of Raja Ampat, in Indonesia, divers will be able to catch sight of colorful reefs populated with tropical fish, nesting sea turtles and a natural nursery for baby sharks.

With its incredible beaches and coral reefs, Southeast Asia is perfect for scuba divers, and is internationally renowned for having some of the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet. Here are three unforgettable spots for scuba divers, recently included among the “Secret Retreats” list:

Misool – Indonesia

These tropical islands were recently transformed into an exclusive resort and a nature sanctuary in order to protect the rich diversity of marine species that dwell there. South of Raja Ampat, divers will be able to catch sight of a colorful reef populated with tropical fish, nesting sea turtles and a natural nursery for baby sharks. The resort offers packages from seven to 12 nights, all services included. Visitors are invited to forget forget their cares and give themselves fully to the exploration of nature and conservation in this tropical paradise.

Surin Island National Park – Thailand

Being part of a national park, the Surin Island National Park offers deserted beaches  that are eight miles long. It is also home to one of the least visited coral reefs of the country, with colonies more than a hundred years old. In this paradisiacal environment, sits the Golden Buddha Beach resort, offering idyllic private villas and an interesting menu of activities for personal well-being.

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park – Malaysia  

Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park consists of five islands with more than 50 international-level scuba-diving spots, known for their giant manta rays, whale sharks and tropical fish, such as pufferfish, lionfish and of course clownfish, which we know from the movie Finding Nemo. Manukan Island has become a luxury resort, perfect for lovers of nature, the ocean and white sand beaches.

Scuba diving and luxury tourism complement each other, and Secret Retreats has cleverly taken advantage of this combination to offer high-end services that blend sports and conservationism.  ■

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