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Lion Sands Game Reserve: A Luxury Resort In The Heart Of South African Jungle

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Lion Sands Game Reserve resort proves it is possible to enjoy luxurious yet intimate service, even in the middle of the African jungle. This deluxe retreat brings its guests closer to the savage nature of the continent.

Lion Sands Game Reserve is a very luxurious and exclusive resort owned and family-run, which has received prestigious international tourism awards. It is located in the heart of the South African jungle, home to a magnificent wildlife that includes elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos and lions. Other options to discover in Africa: Mahali Mzuri, the one million dollar safari, Hotel Giraffe Manor and Mombo Camp.

Lion Sands Game Reserve

Located in the Kruger National Park, Lion Sands Game Reserve is the only protected wildlife area with access to the Sabie River, one of the most biologically diverse in all of South Africa. The stunning resort stretches for 10 miles along the Sabie and is the starting point for a truly exclusive African safari.

The resort’s choice of accommodations spread through five unique shelters: Lion Sands Ivory Lodge, Lion Sands River Lodge, Lion Sand Narina Lodge, Lion Sands Tinga Lodge and the Lion Sands 1933 Lodge. The private cottages run along the riverbank, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area. Some units have lovely thatched roofs and their own gazebo facing the river and the open savannah of Kruger National Park. Other cabins, large, opulent and spacious, are located a few yards away from the water.

The sumptuous Lion Sand Narina Lodge residence is built on the top of ancient trees, a luxurious house whose main areas are crisscrossed by elevated wooden walkways that lead to the other nine private suites. Meanwhile, the Lion Sands Ivory Lodge features six luxury suites with simple, elegant style, surrounded by the majestic African fauna and flora. Each suite comes with a private pool.

During your stay at the Lion Sands Game Reserve, you will feel immersed in the wild, but surrounded by luxury. An efficient team of employees, always attentive to your requests will satisfy your every desire. Most of the staff comes from small rural communities in the area, and their kindness and dedication are a vital part of the resort’s success.

Lion Sands Game Reserve

A sojourn at the Lion Sands Game Reserve also offers excellent opportunities for those with an adventurous spirit and romantic visions of Africa: they can spend magical nights in the exclusive Chalkley Treehouse and Kingston Treehouse, sleeping under the stars in luxurious rooms built on the branches, looking as if they were hanging from the trees. The resort also has special services for honeymooners; fine restaurants where you can sample the delicious local delicacies and spa services.

Absolutely everything in this lavish resort is spectacular, from the accommodation and food to the private safari services available for those who can’t come to Africa without interacting with the animals. A visit to this super luxury hotel is a unique life experience, designed for the most exclusive travelers looking for comfort and excellent service, even in the heart of the African jungle.

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