Mombo Camp: How to Enjoy Africa’s Natural Beauty from a Legendary Camp

Heike Söns

Close to the Okovango Delta and with access to wild lions, elephants, rhinoceros and zebras, Mombo Camp was designed to offer a luxurious experience in the heart of Botswana.

Known “as the land of plenty” for its abundant wildlife, and located in Botswana’s Moremi Nature Reserve, Mombo Camp is the starting point for the adventure of a lifetime. Set along the Okovango River Delta, this luxury camp is just one hour away, by plane, from Maun International Airport.

Mombo Camp

The Camp features nine spacious tents often called “pavilions”, equipped with amenities worthy of a five star hotel. Built six feet above the ground, all the tents have a magnificent terrace, a fully equipped private bathroom and an additional outdoor space for those occasions when you want to shower under the starlit African sky. The solid wood floors and rustic, yet elegant, décor harmonize with the surroundings in an eclectic mix of modernity and tradition.

The camp has a large pool and a splendid terrace restaurant with tables carved from eucalyptus wood and furnishings made with teak and canvas. Dinner is served on fine china and silver cutlery is a must.

Mombo Camp

The main attraction here is the ability to observe the endemic wildlife of Southern Africa, which can be done from the camp’s terrace, open to a vast plain where animals roam calmly and freely. Every morning, guests wake up to the region´s buoyant wildlife: the elephants, black and white rhinos, zebras and antelopes, will leave you speechless. Sometimes, you will even find animals beneath the elevated tents.

If the adventurous guests want to get closer to the beasts, the camp is ready to offer safaris led by experienced guides and experts. They will be driven to strategic points aboard convertible four wheel drive vehicles that guarantee sightings of the big cats that inhabit the area. According to the guides, you will be able to see at least a couple of lions in every excursion.

Mombo Camp

But the animal sightings and magnificent views of the stunning landscape are only part of the experience. From the bedrooms, living rooms and terraces on each pavilion, guests can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Okavango Delta. A wetland paradise, the delta accounts for 95 percent of Botswana’s water surface, contained within the arid Kalahari Desert. The riverbank is a pillar of the conservation of flora and fauna in this region of incredible beauty. Every year, the riverbed floods with the water that descends from the highlands, one of nature’s most fascinating spectacles, forming large deposits capable of sustaining one of the few remaining virgin ecosystems in all of Africa.

The camp, created by architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, has been carefully designed to honor Africa’s long tradition of legendary exploration while providing an atmosphere of absolute luxury. Mombo Camp is a truly magical place. It blends with the surroundings and integrates with nature in a way that gives the feeling of always having been there.  ■

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