Five Star Diving Destinations

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Three hotels in Egypt, Australia and the Maldives with unparalleled diving conditions complement the practice of this underwater sport with the best services and the most exquisite luxury. Learn more about these luxurious destinations here!

Diving is one of the most popular water sports among travelers who seek exotic holiday destinations. Going below the sea opens the door to a rich natural world with breathtaking flora and fauna, often unknown to most. And while many of the resorts developed for this purpose focus on the sporting side, there are others that have managed to preserve the highest standards of luxury and comfort without neglecting the particular needs of divers.We’d like to outline three very distant and wonderful destinations with pristine diving locations and excellent amenities for the entire family.

Sharm el Sheikh
Four Seasons Resort, Egypt
Diving DestinationsWith the distinctive luxury and exclusivity of the Four Seasons, this resort located south of the Sinai boasts exquisitely decorated suites and villas, spa, four swimming pools, excellent international cuisine, unrivaled views of the Red Sea and special diving programs for all ages. The adventure departs from the hotel’s private pier from where guests can snorkel and spot exotic fish. In the surroundings there are 76 internationally recognized diving points, such as the Ras Mohammed National Park, with a diving program during full moon that allows visibility up to 30 feet deep.

Huvafen Fushi
Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

Diving Destinations

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, this spectacular resort offers elegant bungalows with delightful amenities such as private pools with panoramic views to the ocean, private cellar with first class restaurant and a new underwater spa from where guests can observe the diverse marine life of the islands. The diving activities include evening programs with special LED lights, open water dives for certified divers, programs for children 8 years and older and special courses of drift diving and digital underwater photography. This is definitely a resort that celebrates earthly pleasures.

Capella Lodge
Lord Howe Island, Australia

Diving Destinations

The island, out of a fairy tale, was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a nature reserve, only accessible to 400 guests at a time to protect its ecosystem. This heavenly site hosts a magnificent tourist resort with spa, gourmet restaurant and bar, first class accommodations, designer rooms and glorious views. There are more than 30 diving locations to enjoy the rich marine flora and native wildlife in a pristine environment dotted with volcanic caves. The overwhelming beauty of nature and the amenities offered by the Capella Lodge boutique resort make it the perfect destination for luxury diving.

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