Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation


Legends of the Silver Screen Gala

A notable group of over 60 philanthropists, business professionals, writers and entertainers from around the country traveled to San Simeon, California to attend the 2016 Legends of the Silver Screen Gala organized by the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation, with dinner taking place in the famed Castle Refectory, where William Randolph Hearst once entertained his guests.

Photo Credits: Patrick McMulan


Patricia Hearst Shaw, George Farias, Anne Hearst McInerney, Wendy Stark 

Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Anne Hearst McInerney

Alan Malouf, Suzanne Tucker, Tim Marks

James Bloomingdale, Greg Brewer, Sonja Magdevski, Tom Manzo

Joe Tobin, Kick Kennedy, Ken Howery

John Hampton, Greg Hampton, Robert Bloomingdale

Cary Hampton, Kathy Hampton, Ashley Bush, Sharon Bush

Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola

Anne Hearst McInerney, Jay McInerney, Maisie McInerney

Jeffrey Anderson, Barbara Donohue

Paula Peck, George Farias, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Jay McInerney, Debbie Bancroft, Tony Peck

Alexander Munro, Natalie Bloomingdale, Michele Tetenbaum

Pierre Lagrange, Ebs Burnough

Peter Thomas Roth, Brooke Mueller

Randy Harris, Amanda Hearst

View of the event

Josh Flagg, Bobby Boyd

Dean Najdawi, Xiandra Najdawi, Cary Collins

Tabitha Hall, Nadya Panchenko, Zang Toi, Tatsiana Balash, Katrina Hunter