When Your Pet Needs a Vacation

Wag Pet Hotels: When Your Pet Needs a Vacation

Veronique de Miguel

A wonderful alternative to pet boarding, these hotels will pamper your pet with pools, private rooms, room service, spa, and personal trainers.

We all deserve a vacation but not all hotels allow us to bring along our beloved pets. That’s a problem when planning a trip, our pleasure is overshadowed by the great dilemma: where to leave our little darlings while we enjoy a few days away from the routine. There are few comfortable places for your pet where they can feel at home.

Wag Pet Hotels: When Your Pet Needs a Vacation
The Wag hotel chain has five locations in California: in San Francisco, Sacramento, Redwood City, Oakland, and Santa Clara.

Luckily, things do get easier once we discover an outstanding, dependable hotel chain that offers its services exclusively for pets. Wag Hotels is exactly what you and your pet are looking for. They will free your mind to relax, unwind, or do a good job at work.

The excellent services offered at Wag hotels include stays of one or more nights or only daycare if that is what you need. Besides playing time, your pet will have the opportunity to receive training, get to the nines with a professional grooming session according to its breed, or relax in their special pet spa.

The hotel has branches throughout the state of California from San Francisco to San Diego. If you are in a rush, the staff will welcome your pet even without prior reservation every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The campus has a park and outdoor play spaces designed for your pampered pet with luxury facilities like swimming pools and private rooms for a good rest after so much activity. Dog training and grooming are also available if you request those services.

Wag Pet Hotels: When Your Pet Needs a Vacation
The Wag hotels also offer services for cats—away from dogs, of course.

Don’t worry if you have a busy and unpredictable schedule, Wag Hotels will accept your pet at any time of day or night, and reservations can be made online. Your four-legged friends will be cared for by a team of skilled professionals, and should the need arise for food, medication or special care, it will be provided it at no extra charge.

Dogs enjoy the Wag experience in playing sessions from 7 am to 7 pm. But if you prefer, you can choose a more restful stay in a private room with room service and classical music, plus one hour of playing twice daily.

During their stay, the pets are pampered with a bath with ecological or medical products, private 15-minute swimming sessions, shared photos on Facebook to the delight of their owners, 15 minutes with an exclusive coach who — if the dog requests it — will be happy to tickle him, take him for walks, provide premium bedding, cookies and special ice cream for dogs. And if it’s his birthday … he will have a party to celebrate!

The only problem I anticipate is that my dogs Megan and Mel would not want to go home after their stay.  ■

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