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Do you demand nothing less than the best when traveling with your beloved pet? In that case, VistaPet has a service for you - the ultimate luxury pet travel experience.

Traveling just isn’t the same without your beloved fur baby on-board. The business aviation company, VistaJet, understands the pain of leaving your pal behind, or the worry you feel when flying commercial while your pet is in the cargo hold.

Vista Pet

Now you can put your anxieties aside thanks to VistaPet, the comprehensive pampered-pet program available on each VistaJet flight you book.

High-End VistaJet Accommodations

Nervous pet? No problem. Special dietary concerns? They’ve got you covered. VistaPet’s range of services ensure your beloved pet’s every need is attended to before and during your flight.

VistaJet is “the first and only global aviation company” that organizes flights for government entities, corporations, and private clients to 187 countries around the world, including the Middle East, Africa, and Russia. Flight fees are based on the hours you fly, and the company focuses on passenger comfort and personalized experience.

Adding VistaPet concierge services allows passengers to truly sit back and relax through the duration of their flight, knowing their pet is also receiving the highest quality care and attention they deserve.

VistaJet VistaPet

Preparing Your Pooch for Takeoff

In the weeks leading up to your flight, the qualified VistaJet representatives can ensure your compliance with all regulations regarding animal travel based on your flight schedule. The team can provide details concerning:

  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Travel permits

You can also take advantage of available courses for doggies and other companions with travel anxiety. Through a partnership with UK-based The Dog House, VistaPet staff can work closely with you and your pets to bring about a sense of calm for travel day. Desensitization training is available to introduce your pet to expected smells, sights, and sounds they can expect during the flight.

Experienced trainers also assist you and your pet in flight-specific aspects of travel, including air pressure changes in the cabin and turbulence.

The 4-week course ensures that even the longest flight is not traumatic for you or your pet. You get the assurance that you and your pets can relax in a luxurious environment as you head to your destination.

Courses require an additional fee and are available exclusively to VistaJet Program Members. To check availability in your area and for more information on training courses, contact the VistaJet team.

vista jet 2

The Very Best of Everything

The VistaPet program takes everything your pet could need into consideration. VistaJet’s over-the-top amenities accommodate your pet’s specific needs and includes services like:

Complimentary Pochette

VistaPet provides each pet with a travel bag filled with luxury items like bio-organic Rockster pet foods and The Dog House’s custom Random Rewards treats, designed by Michael Roux, a Michelin-starred chef. Included delectables contain the highest quality nutrients and flavors, like ostrich with cherry and venison with blueberry, for convenient, in-flight snacking.

The Pochette also includes travel care items, like water-free shampoos and freshening wipes, for luxury fur care. To ensure your pet is engaged throughout your flight, rope toys by Furzu are also part of the package.

In-Flight Meals

VistaJet’s deluxe pet menu includes fresh, prime cuts of meat and fish, such as roast tenderloin, roast chicken, and baked salmon. Entrees are served with roasted, steamed, or raw veggies accompanied by whole-grain, brown rice.

Hydration during a flight is also vital for pampered pet and the VistaJet cabin hostesses provide fresh drinking water throughout the flight. They can even add natural flower essences to the water to keep your pet nourished and relaxed.

Luxurious Cabin Space

At VistaJet, your pet’s safety and comfort are a priority. All animals must be leashed or kept in their travel crate accommodations during take-off and landing. These precautions are also necessary in instances of air turbulence.

Otherwise, your fur baby can enjoy lying on a handmade Labbvenn sleep mat close to you for added comfort.

VistaPet Destination Assistance

In addition to ensuring a relaxed, peaceful flight, the VistaPet program includes destination assistance when you land.

VistaJet partners with a selection of high-end facilities around the world that offer pet-friendly accommodations and services, including trendy pet salons, photography studios, trainers, or pet-walking providers.

For the pets with adventurous hearts, VistaPet consultants can even assist you with finding once-in-a-lifetime experiences for your pal, such as surfing, rafting, and other heart-pounding activities at your destination.

Go Global with Your Beloved Pet

Travel has never been easier or more convenient for both you and your pet. The VistaPet program means you never have to leave your best friend behind.

With a full-range of exclusive amenities at your pet’s disposal, even the fearful travel can travel across the world right at your side. Traveling with the VistaPet program means never having to worry about your pet being treated like cargo again.

You can book your next flight through the VistaJet customer service team. The staff reviews your destination and pet-specific travel needs during your initial call to provide you with everything you need for your flight.

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