Princess R35 by Pininfarina: One of the Best Yachts of 2018

Federico Tibytt

The new Princess R35 packs style, technology and speed. We'll show you why.

The launch of the Princess R35 sport yacht is one of the most anticipated events coming up at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, taking place from September 11th to 16th this year. Developed by the British shipyard Princess Yachts, Pininfarina and Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies, this new super sport model is the first R-class of Princess. The vessel promises to be fast, beautiful, and technologically unbeatable.

Part of the LVMH conglomerate, Princess is among the most prestigious boat manufacturers in the world. For the first model of its R / Evolution line, the brand opted for Italian-style design, and the most advanced, competitive naval engineering technologies. It has already captured global attention, and is already being called the “Ferrari of luxury boats” on social media.

Princess R35
Princess R35.

The air intakes that line the sides of the R35 provide a sporty character unprecedented in the industry. This is, however, more than just an aesthetic innovation. These air intakes do two jobs simultaneously: they cool the engine and stabilize stern drift, achieving the perfect balance between design and functionality — both a excellent style, and a smooth ride.

Princess R35
The interior of the Princess R35.

BAN Technologies contributed cutting-edge naval advances to ensure the best possible sports performance for this yacht. Equipped with a 430 horsepower Volvo V8 engine, this dream vessel can reach a maximum speed of 50 knots, a surprising mark considering its weight and dimensions.

Princess R35
Princess R35

“The Princess R35 is a strange mix of extreme elegance and technology,” said Antony Sheriff, the executive director of Princess Shipyard. “In design, beauty triumphs over functionality, or functionality over beauty. Princess, this time, has managed to develop a yacht that changes the technological scenario of the industry, while still offering a surprisingly nice boat. ”

For the Princess R35, the manufacturer opted for an Italian-style design and the most advanced, competitive naval engineering technologies.

The exterior design of the new model clearly demonstrates influences from the automotive industry. The prow offers an aggressive and angular profile, complemented by a wide, ascending windshield. Its high waist line wraps a wide cover, where the light tones and a minimalist treatment stand out. At the stern, the engine cover also acts as generous padded area, perfect for sunbathing and easy water access. The R35 will not go unnoticed by other boaters.

Princess R35
Interior Princess R35

Despite its thirty-five feet, the Princess R35 has excellent cabin space. Equipped with a U-shaped padded seat and a modular table, this space can be used to share a drink or to lie down for rest out of the sun. In addition, windows provide a pleasant sense of spaciousness to this small but elegant space.

We look forward to the presentation of the Princess R35 at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018. How can one not get excited about the launch of the Ferrari of the luxury boats? ■

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