YachtLife: Yacht Chartering Mobile App

YachtLife: Your Digital Door to Luxury Yacht Charters An Exclusive World at your Fingertips

Federico Tibytt

With digital yacht chartering planning a getaway on a luxury yacht has never been easier. Always available where you want and when you want it.

Nowadays, renting a luxury yacht of any size is simple, you can do it from your cell phone, safely and in just a few minutes. Take YachtLife, for example, an app that is ideal for people on-the-go. The yacht-set trend started several decades ago, when business moguls, movie stars, athletes, aristocrats and even royals appeared in the most fashionable magazines vacationing on their luxurious yachts around the seven seas. They revealed the pleasures of glamorous facilities, exotic locations, unforgettable views and private access to romantic destinations.digital yacht chartering, luxury yacht, private access marinas, yacht rentals, renting luxury yachts, yachtlife, exotic ports, chartersBut, until a few years ago, renting a luxury yacht was a slow and tedious process that involved complicated paperwork, contacting different independent brokers— depending on the destination—, reviewing portfolios hoping to find that ideal vessel and negotiating prices.

These days, mobile applications and websites facilitate maritime transactions for people who love sailing and high-end yachts and gives them access to this super exclusive world in just a matter of minutes. They also protect consumers by clearly explaining the terms and conditions of contracts and allowing them to choose (without delay) between multiple destinations and very competitive rates.

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One of those websites/apps is YachtLife, which already charters great vessels in some of the world’s major ports, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale—in Florida—New York and the Hamptons in the United States; and The Bahamas, Ibiza (Spain) and Cannes (France).

For the younger generation luxury is synonymous with unique experiences. Millenials look at luxury in a very different way where and consider unique life experiences more important than possessions. However, this new vision is not exclusive to this generation. It has been adopted by people of all age groups who understand the value of quality time and place it above everything else. This demographic loves technological tools that allow them to access the type of luxury they enjoy, easily, quickly and safely.

Based on this premise, the YachtLife app started in Miami, offering the possibility of chartering the yacht of your dreams in just a couple of steps— from any computer or smartphone.

Unrestricted access to different types of experiences is the new paradigm for luxury, and applications like YachtLife put endless possibilities right in the palm of your hands.  ■

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