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X-Force 145 By Admiral Yachts: The Dream Of A Futuristic Floating Mansion

Federico Tibytt

The mega yacht X-Force 145 by the Italian shipyard Admiral Yachts features luxurious decor, innovative exterior design and a remarkable infrastructure.

Betting on the market of luxury mega yachts is no easy task. In order to attract the attention of a discerning customer base, manufacturers need to bring forth innovative proposals with outstanding luxury, design, and performance features. A perfect example of this is the X-Force 145 prototype by Admiral Yachts. Admiral X-Force 145
The X-Force 145 prototype has captured the attention of experts and boat lovers for its splendid decor, innovative exterior design, and dazzling infrastructure. Nearly 476 feet long (145meters) and 62.4 feet wide (19 meters); this luxurious five level superyacht looks like futuristic floating mansion.The exterior design, developed by the renowned Dobroserdov Desing Studio and the team of Admiral Yachts, takes full advantage of the brand’s distinctive style. Its profile highlights soft lines and towering windows with panoramic views that flood the vessel with natural light.

Admiral X-Force 145
The third level houses a lounge area with superb frontal views on both sides, even in the curve of the bow. Towards the aft, lies one of the yacht’s main attractions: the fantastic two level beach club with access to an indoor spa, gym, bar, Jacuzzi, and swimming pools.On the second level, we find the main hall, a spectacular display of luxury with fireplace, fountains, a gorgeous chandelier and an impressive staircase with crystal balustrades. This level also accommodates cabins for VIP guests, all featuring vast individual balconies and magnificent views.Admiral X-Force 145
Renowned designer Gianmarco Campanino created the interior design, a sort of futuristic interpretation of classic luxury. The presence of natural light, the flowing water from the fountains and the interior gardens harmonize with luxurious finishes, including marble floors and impressive gold and silver sculptures.The yacht’s owner will have an entire level for his/her privacy and comfort. It includes a master suite, living room, dressing rooms, bathrooms, private dining room, sun deck and spa, and a heliport.Admiral X-Force 145
The X-Force 145 also comes with a second helipad, hangar, storage for cars and water toys, a giant foredeck on the fourth level, two cinemas and accommodations for the extensive crew.

The prototype was designed based on the platform used for the Messina, the diesel / electric model delivered by Admiral Yachts in 2013. With a cost estimated at more than $100 million, the X-Force 145 is not just a dream, but also a very real possibility.

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