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Oceanco Black Pearl, the World’s Largest Private Sailboat

Federico Tibytt

With 350 feet of length, this is the largest private mega yacht in the world, and its advanced propulsion system is a real one-of-a-kind.

For years, this was the most awaited project of the international naval industry. And now we can say it was worth the wait. The Black Pearl looks amazing. Its dimensions are surprising: 350 feet long, 49 feet wide, masts more than 230 feet high and 31,215 square feet of sail. Mounted on a super aluminum structure and a steel hull, its three levels offer large interiors and roofs.

Black Pearl

But size is not the best feature of the latest Oceanco model. The propulsion system of the new Black Pearl is state-of-the-art technology. Its dacron cloth sails are lined with flexible photovoltaic cells. Solar energy is stored by a series of batteries that are also powered by the ship’s propellers. Using the same generators used in wind energy, the batteries are also charged by the action of the propellers, even when the ship is anchored.

The propulsion system positions it as the most advanced ecological sailboat on the planet. To complete the hybrid motorization scheme, the Black Pearl has two powerful diesel MTU 12V 2000 GT. Its cruising speed is 17.5 knots, while the maximum, generated by the sails, reaches 30 knots. Witnessing the automated deployment system is an unforgettable experience. In just 7 minutes, the Dynarig system is deployed 100% autonomously.

Black Pearl Oceanco

With capacity for 12 passengers, divided into six luxury cabins, there are no details about the interior design yet. In regards to the exterior aesthetics, the Black Pearl offers a classic sailboat design that reminds us of the Maltese Falcon. The designer of this emblematic Perini Navi yacht was one of the main consultants in the project.

The Black Pearl required a long research process involving Oceanco engineers, along with professionals from prestigious industry studios such as Ken Freivokh Design, Nuvolari Lenard, Villa Design and Dykstra Naval Architects.

Black Pearl Oceanco

The owner of this jewel of the seas is the Russian tycoon Oleg Burlakov. And while it was built as a personal vessel, the Black Pearl is actually an investment. Burlakov plans to use the technologies created for his private yacht in cargo ships up to 656 feet in length. These technological advances make it possible to significantly lower the cost of fuel and help take care of the environment.

The Black Pearl is named after a pirate ship of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie saga, but it is actually one of the most distinguished and attractive yachts in the world. An elegant vanguard vessel at the service of sustainable naval engineering. ■

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