The Best 3d Tvs: To Make You Feel Inside The Action

Walter Raymond

A new generation of powerful computers that redefine the traditional television entertainment is here. Now you can feel inside the action thanks to the realism of the new 4K processors.

The dream of improving image quality to an almost impossible level of perfection is becoming a reality. The new generation of high-resolution TVs and 4K image processors is already in our midst, bringing surprising sharpness and realism to the screen. The experience will make you fill as if you were part of the mysterious digital environment of futuristic movies.

Bravia X95 with 4K Resolution

The Best 3D TVs

Japanese electronics giant Sony recently unveiled its new Bravia TV Model X95 with 4K resolution. The 4K images with more than 8 million individual pixels exceed up to four times the best Full HD definition achieved to date. This new digital system displays images with clarity and detail never seen before. Standing next to its 85-inch ultra-thin screen is like taking a step forward in time. One of the attributes of the Bravia X95 is the new Sony image processor that analyzes, cleans and perfects the images eliminating the usual noise and flaws. Blu-ray, TV broadcasts, video, and whatever you wish to explore on your Smartphone will have a futuristic look and smooth operation through your TV. Sony has announced that the new 4K Bravia series will support future 4K standards, increasing the value of a long-term investment. The new Bravia X95 costs around $27,359.

LG Ultra High Definition with 4K Resolution

The Best 3D TVs

This new entry by LG is also surprising. The South Korean company has launched its new 98-inch TV model Ultra HD 4K with an extra high-resolution ultra-flat screen. It comes equipped with a triple Processor XD Multicore Engine Ultra HD4K, which improves performance under extreme conditions to deliver the best high definition images from any viewing angle. It also comes with a vibrant sound system with 5.2 audio channels and a range of 120 watts. LG introduced several features with this model, including the codec HEVC, which allows us to watch 4K content from the USB port, as well as the LG 3D Cinema with lightweight glasses that don’t require batteries. You can enjoy your favorite 3D in Full HD, and it also turns 2D programs into 3D. Priced at around $24,600.

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