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Montblanc Reminds Us Of The Pleasure Of Handwriting

Franky M.

Montblanc's desk accessories transform the workspace into a productive, organized and elegant setting while accentuating the pleasure of handwriting with its classic pens.

For those who have almost forgotten the art of handwriting, the German luxury brand Montblanc is here to remind us that handwriting is a pleasure. And that joy comes not only from the quality of the instrument used for writing but also from the accessories on our desks. These small details can transform the workplace into a productive, organized and elegant setting.Montblanc
A desk cover, for example, offers an optimum surface on which to write. One of the latest models by Montblanc is made with black calfskin. Its interior is lined with Jacquard fabric with the monogram “M” and two tabs, one for storing business cards, and another for keeping private notes hidden from view. Other elements that distinguish this desktop cover are the leather ink blotter, and the additional blotter paper for those who use fountain pens.The set is complemented by a stand for cards or letters and a document tray, in which fine leather combines with a beautiful panel at the base that reveals the wood grain. All the components harmonize with a wooden picture frame featuring Italian calf leather on the back and black jacquard with the distinctive “M” under the glass cover. There is also an attractive metal letter opener embellished with inlaid wood, and a tray for pens, also made of calfskin, with removable cover and a compartment for spare parts.MontblancFamous for its White Star emblem, Montblanc manufactures its pieces and leather accessories—from handbags to covers and backpacks—in its factory on the outskirts of Florence, Italy. There, the brand’s legendary artisans manufacture the pieces—one by one—using the best Italian leather under the maxim: “Inspiration and ideas materialize thanks to the tools and special parts we use.”

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