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Montblanc’s Extreme Leather, A Skin Resistant To All

Franky M.

The pieces in the Extreme Leather Montblanc Pelleteria collection are made with a new kind of skin that is fireproof, waterproof and scratch resistant.


Montblanc is not limited to creating pens and writing instruments. One of its most successful lines of business is leather. In fact, the German company, which belongs to the Swiss luxury group Richemont, has released a collection of leather goods to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its classic Meisterstück pen. The label recently debuted its Extreme Collection, a new family of leather accessories for men that includes a briefcase, document holder, backpack and bags of various sizes and shapes as well as covers for passports, business cards, tablets and phones.

This functional collection features the new Extreme leather, which incorporates a treatment developed by Montblanc that makes it fireproof, waterproof and scratch resistant. It is pleasant to the touch and shows a pattern of small squares that gives it a look that resembles carbon fiber. This leather is not patented, but because Italy is also home to the biggest names in luxury, from Prada to Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo, the Montblanc Pelletteria´s providers have agreed not to sell to other brands in the next three years. See more fashion here.

At the presentation of the Extreme Leather Collection, Montblanc displayed its power by offering a dinner in Florence’s historic Palazzo Vecchio, which was attended by one of the ambassadors of the firm, actor Hugh Jackman. Guests enjoyed the Renaissance frescoes under the vaults of the medieval Palace and the expert craftsmanship of the Montblanc Pelletteria artisans who displayed their skills with tanning techniques.

Montblanc Extreme Leather

At one point, Montblanc moved to Switzerland, the cradle of the watch industry, to manufacture its timepieces. Now, the company is also packed to travel to Florence, center for the development of exceptional leather in the world. In 2006, the firm moved its fur shop, opened in 1935 in Offenbach, Germany, to Scandicci, on the outskirts of Florence, with one objective: to control the entire production process and to use the noblest skins and the most skilled leather artisans.

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