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Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT, The Supercar Of The Future

Federico Tibytt

AMG Vision Gran Turismo, is a prototype that reveals some of the newest technologies, impacting future models of Mercedes-Benz designs and vehicles.

The Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT managed to realize a fantasy of different manufacturers: which is cars that openly express the creativity and technical knowledge of designers and engineers, without any limitation or regulation of the automotive industry. This ambitious, futuristic and super sports concept car dazzled everyone when it was presented at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, which was a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and the video game giant Sony PlayStation.
Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT
“This is the future of Mercedes-Benz design,” said Gorden Wagener, vice president of Daimler.

This model was created, initially, for the Gran Turismo 6 video game for the PlayStation 3. However, the German company decided to present a conceptual design of it, so that specialized press and car lovers can appreciate, in real size, the impressive lines and exquisite design of this vehicle.

The technical features on the AMG Vision GT are impressive. But do they measure up to other luxury cars? The numbers speak for themselves: under the hood, an imposing 5500 cc V8, 577 horsepower twin-turbo, which can develop 590 pound-feet of torque. With an aluminum body and components of carbon fiber, its total weight is 3,053 pounds, quite low for the vehicle’s dimensions.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision GT

The design of the AMG GT Vision is also striking. With classic, provocative lines, it is inspired by a fabled Mercedes racecar: the 1952 300 SL, winner of the Carrera Panamericana, an endurance race, held that year in Mexico. It also recalls the Mercedes Benz Silver Arrow from the 1930s, but adapted to the firm’s current design and aesthetics, featuring a diamond grill pocked with LED lights, and a thin horizontal strip in the tail lamp.

The interior boasts a futuristic instrumentation panel on a glass surface, inspired by Formula 1 cars, which reminds us of the cockpit of a fighter jet. The front is prominent and elongated, and in the rear, the mechanized spoiler adjusts according to the conditions on the road. Eight exhaust pipes—one for each cylinder—engulf the taillight as a reminder of the powerful engine that lies under the hood.

For those who cannot resist the temptation of owning a Vision GT, it has transpired that five AMG GT Vision will be built on the SLS AMG GT 2014 platform. In this exclusive limited production, the “Vision GT” will feature an SLS AMG GT 6300 cc engine, 591-horsepower and a 7-speed AMG Speedshift DCT sports transmission.  ■

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