Energica Eva: The Powerful Ecological Italian Motorcycle

Nicholas Sterling

The perfect combination of agility, care for the environment, and powerful driving.


When it seemed that the international market for motor vehicles was more interested in creating increasingly powerful and safe electric cars, and the motorcycling world was falling behind in this option, the Italian firm Energica Motor Company has released the first major electric motorcycle in Europe called Energica Eva.

With a perfect combination of agility, care for the environment and powerful driving, this model has nothing to envy the big conventional gas-powered motorcycles.
In spite of its rebellious spirit, this street fighter offers an easy handling that allows the rider to control the bike’s energy.

Its permanent magnet AC (PMAC) oil cooled engine produces 70kW (95 hp) of instantaneous power and a torque of 170 Nm, which give you an idea of the spirited and reliable performance of the engine when driving at high speeds.

The electric motorcycle has a range of up to 200 km (ECO mode) and can reach a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour in Sports mode, which makes it a machine unrivaled in the market for electric motorcycles.

Eva’s battery, inverter, charger and ABS brakes are constantly monitored and managed by a sophisticated Vehicle Control Unit.

Energica Eva
has no gearbox or clutch because everything is aptly regulated by the Ride-by-wire system that lets you control the acceleration and deceleration of the motor with the integrated regenerative torque braking, which is entirely adjustable by the rider.

It also has an integrated Bluetooth system to connect to any existing phone brand on the market and on the dashboard, there is a small TFT color display with an internal memory for data logging.

This motorcycle is fully compatible with commercial charging stations and can also be charged at home. Also, Eva is the only electric streetfighter of this type in the world with an integrated fast charging system on board that recharges the battery immediately when there is no possibility of doing so elsewhere.

The imposing presence of the motorcycle is enhanced by unique glass fiber panels supported by a tubular steel frame and colors ranging from golden to green to black and white. The process involves applying a pre-coating film that gives great evenness to surfaces and excludes any porosity.

In its most basic version, the ecological electric Energica Eva is priced at $30,000, and those who drove it have nothing but praise for its easy and reliable driving.

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