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Caravisio: The Caravan Of The Future

Nicholas Sterling

Priced at approximately $800,000, this RV offers the latest technology to control its environmental and entertainment systems from your cell phone or tablet.

Following the development of stunning recreational vehicles like the eleMMent Palazzo and the CR-1 Carbon, we bring you a new project that heralds the future of the much-loved caravan. We are talking about Caravisio, a new concept from the German firm Knaus Tabbert GmbH, which was recently introduced at the Caravans Exhibition in Birmingham, England. During the past five decades, the company has continually produced innovative ideas and products, and it currently has a broad range of high-quality caravans, campers and motorhomes.

Caravisio Caravan

Their latest project is Caravisio, envisioned to enhance the camping experience as a special, different kind of holiday—in tune with nature, but without giving up the comforts of modern life. This caravan, made of fiberglass, comes equipped with the kind of amenities one would find in a luxury yacht. It was designed and developed in collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of experts over several years. Its exterior has excellent aerodynamics with a sleek futuristic bullet shape, and the frosted glass sliding door and double panel become completely transparent with the touch of a button.

Nearly 30 feet long and 8 feet wide, the front of the Caravisio has twin beds arranged in a V formation, which can be turned into a comfortable double bed. During the day, the bed becomes a spacious sofa with panoramic views through the large window.

Caravisio Caravan

In good weather, the back of the Caravisio opens as a pleasant outdoor terrace with a sitting area. This luxurious RV has a bathroom in the front with a shower and a water control system and storage function controlled by a touch screen. In addition, the lounge can be quickly transformed into a modern working area since the cushions can be adjusted to different positions creating ergonomic seats.

But the best feature of the Caravisio model is its use of the latest technology. It comes equipped with a modern (APP) system that can be controlled via iPad or iPhone. It uses biometric security technology that allows remote control of lights, heating and the entertainment options, which include a large cinema screen with a state-of-the-arts projection system.

Caravisio Caravan

“This new caravan model is an exciting and innovative concept that illustrates the future of caravans,” said Alex Wehrmann, Knaus Tabbert GmbH spokesman, during the presentation of the Caravisio.

The Caravisio is a luxury recreational vehicle developed with the latest technology to provide maximum comfort. Priced at approximately $800,000, it should be available for purchase in about two years.

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