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Bentley Bentayga: The Fastest, Most Powerful and Luxurious SUV in the World

Federico Tibytt

Efficiency, comfort and safety, meet the the most powerful SUV in the world the Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley, the British luxury automaker, which launched its latest SUV called Bentayga in 2018, stands out as the largest, most luxurious and comfortable SUV on the market, and also boasts the best dynamic performance.With a powerful twin turbo six-liter engine, 608 horsepower and 12 cylinders in W, the vehicle comes in at more than two tons of weight and can accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-100 km / h) in just 4.1 seconds. The top speed is 187 mph (300 km / h), and its performance makes the Bentayga the fastest SUV in the world.The enormous flow of energy is delivered by a brilliant eight-speed automatic gearbox and advanced displacement modes that adjust the traction and suspensions according to drivers needs. Those behind the wheel have the choice of four modes for pavement and four modes for all terrain roads.Not only the efficiency and ride comfort are guaranteed in the Bentayga. Security is key, in addition to the regular dynamic systems of stability control, the vehicle offers assistant city driving to detect peripheral barriers and prevent crashes using automatic braking; correction track or lane assistant; blind spot warning, and automatic parking space detection. Also the Bentayga boasts a recognition system for traffic signs and a night vision camera in the front that warns the drivers of the presence of people, animals or vehicles over a large distance range.
The aluminum body has a structure made of iron and aluminum alloy. The exterior design is distinctive of the brand, with straight, sharp, aggressive and muscular lines, which include the huge front grille characteristic of Bentley, and four circular LED headlamps. Other standout features are the massive alloy 22-inch wheels (56 centimeters) and, towards the back, a large door that shows a muscular and sober design.
With leather-covered surfaces, handmade details in wood and solid pieces of metal, the Bentayga delivers a plush and highly technological interior. The spacious feel of the cabin is enhanced by its large sunroof. Inside, there are four individual seats, covered in leather with hand-stitched diamond patterns.

The seats are surrounded by multiple technological features, including eight multimedia screens featuring 10.1-inch touch tablets with multimedia connections and a remote control for the rear seats that lets you control sound and air conditioning preferences, among many other configurations.

The luxury and exuberant features are complemented by a broad selection of customizable options, including 15 different materials to trim the cabin, a vast palette of exterior colors, and accessories such as a set of aerodynamic utilities made with carbon fiber, steps for easy boarding and even picnic equipment with a mini fridge for two bottles of champagne, fancy silverware and dishes for the occasion.

With the Bentayga, the brand—which is part of the Volkswagen Group—has taken the luxury and performance of road vehicles to new horizons.

As Wolfgang Dürheimer, CEO of the firm said: “This is the fastest the most powerful, luxurious and exclusive SUV in the world.”

The Bentayga has a base price of around US $300,000.

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