Bentley, Porsche and Rolls-Royce Fine Pens: Driving and Writing With the Same Style

Franky M.

These auto brands produce pens as luxurious as their legendary cars.

Calligraphy is not a thing of the past. With the right tool, it conveys distinction and elegance. But when we combine car and pen, the results are quite admirable. The collaboration between the best brands that produce fountain pens and luxury car makes it possible.

Pens with auto brands

Could it be possible to transfer the glamour of a Bentley to a pocket item? The answer lies with the artisans of Tibaldi, the Italian label owned by Montegrappa, which manufactures writing instruments bearing the moniker of the British car manufacturer. Both companies have been collaborating since 2007, and there is already a wide range of items that reflect the design and finishes found on the über luxurious Bentley. One is the GT collection, inspired by the sporty Continental GT. Among the materials used are copper, gold and rhodium, and it displays the “B” Bentley at the top of the cap. This group includes pens whose price exceed $900, as well as pens that come in four colors to match the client’s car.

Pens with auto brands

Meanwhile, Porsche Design, the licenses and accessories division of luxury car-maker Porsche, launched last year their latest writing tool: the P’3135 Solid. With the same streamlined design of the company’s cars and manufactured from one piece of solid titanium, the pen—with a price of more than $1,000 — features rhodium plating and 18K gold nib. The famous brand’s logo is discreetly engraved on the surface of the tip.

Pens with auto brands

But there is also Rolls-Royce, whose cars contain lavish interiors decorated with an unsurpassed level of detail. Also available, a complete set for a picnic in the trunk; a compartment for champagne with delicate crystal glasses engraved with diamond shapes, and a set of limited editions pens of its legendary Phantom model. The pens are manufactured by another centennial British company, Conway Stewart, whose history—like Rolls-Royce’s— runs parallel to that of Great Britain in the 20th century. To get one of the pen sets that Conway Stewart manufactures for the renowned automaker, you will have to buy one of their cars as they are not sold separately. You will find them in a case made of aluminum and fine leather inside the dashboard of the stunning Rolls Royce.

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