La Cornue: Exclusive Artisanal Kitchen Ranges Made in France

Nicholas Sterling

Officially opened in 1908, La Cornue, continues to take the culinary world by storm by using artisanal techniques to manufacture a wide selection of luxurious made to order kitchen equipment.

At 54 Rue de Bourgogne—on Paris’s left bank—you’ll find the flagship store of La Cornue, the prestigious century-old French family business famous for manufacturing exceptional gas ranges and rotisseries. The firm produces articles of great beauty, refinement, and good taste, all the while promoting the French joie de vivre.La CornueAlbert Dupuy, the company’s founder, felt an enormous passion for cooking since an early age. In 1908, he created the first gas range with a vaulted oven, which became—over time—the company’s hallmark. This innovation marked a milestone in the art of cooking because it allows heat to circulate in a homogeneous environment, at a constant temperature, and within an airtight space.

More than 50 years later, his son André Dupuy decided that La Cornue should be devoted exclusively to making the best furnaces in the world. And in 1964 he introduced his first kitchen range model under the name Château La Cornue. Each Château range is created exclusively by an experienced craftsman. Once completed, they are numbered to record that the piece was individually produced and only by request. The skilled artisans in charge of the assembly always take the necessary time to ensure every range is an exemplary and distinctive work of art.

From 2010, and in response to the demands of an increasing number of customers, Xavier Dupuycurrent president of La Cornue and grandson of the company’s founderproposed that in addition to the ovens, the firm should focus on what he called “Culinary Architecture”. This initiative includes islands, furnishings, refrigerating equipment, pantries and all kinds of utensils for professional chefs or the most demanding cuisine enthusiasts.

The manufacturing techniques employed by La Cornue continue to be traditional: punching, bending, welding, assembly and finishing of ovens and stoves. All the parts are handmade in the company’s workshops in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône, a suburb northwest of Paris. Each order becomes a challenge because their kitchens must harmonize with the décor of the house where they will be installed, which could be modern, classic or eclectic.

La Cornue

The passion for perfection and the pursuit of quality and exclusivity are the incentives that keep La Cornue current and relevant. Such values have earned them worldwide brand recognition. The company has a presence in 40 countries through an international network of over 70 stores. Their ranges, always handmade according to the client’s preferences, can be found in homes from New York to Milan, Tokyo, Madrid or Paris.

La Cornue has reached the pinnacle of perfection and the adoration of fans with new models such as the “1908” range in Mondrian colors (blue, red and yellow)— aimed at young urbanites— or the collection of kitchen furnishing created in collaboration with famed architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The firm occupies an honorable place in the worlds of design, technology and innovation of luxury kitchen paraphernalia. Discover other exceptional kitchen products such as the Italian firm Restart.

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